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  • Heather Burfield - Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012

    This game is great! My son played it endlessly until he was able to beat it. I would recommend it to anyone who loves hunting. I will definitely purchase the next version!

  • Flipper - Excellent car seat - big and comfy but svelte!

    Despite being fairly large, heavily built, and loaded with padding, the Clek Fllo is one of the narrowest carseats on the market, and is easy to install as well. We liked this seat so much we now own two of them, one for each car. Amazingly, we were able to install this into the center position of our 2009 Toyota Corolla. Despite this being a fairly large seat and the Corolla being a small car, the back of the seat is contoured such that the driver and passenger seats can be moved all the way back without lifting the front of the Fllo up.

  • Kap'n Kid - Was OK for 2011, and Before, but is N.G. for 2012

    For me this product had been much easier to use than TurboTax. It also seemed more complete than TurboTax -- but that could have been due to errors on my part???? Anyway, the 2012 Version of H&R Block did not completely transfer old Personal data, and new 2012 1099's Data. This has caused much trouble. After supposedly manually entering everything, there was still " Issues" with 1099's and I couldn't find the correct path to make the correction. Bottom line... I have now started completely over, entering all the 2012 data, etc. And I am hopeful that the "Issues" that the program previously discovered, won't again happen. For the initial problem of incomplete Personal Data Transfer, I eneded-up calling the H&R Block Help Phone line. The Help line put up many roadblocks. I was able to work through all the blocks and finally got to the place to talk to a real person. I was on hold 15-minutes before the Agent picked-up my call. She then was initially at a loss as to correct the data transfer problem. After another 30-minutes of she and I working together, and her getting some help from another H&R staffer, we came-up with a 'work-around' to transfer the data. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTIONS IN THE SOFTWARE TO SOLVE THE DATA TRANSFER PROBLEM.

  • montana_gal - Good product

    Have used these facial firming pads for a few years now and love how they make my face feel at the end of the day.

  • Natco - great scheduling book

    Bought right when my job deployed EVM. Half way through it I switched jobs but this has come in handy when doing research for scheduling.

  • paige michaels - Sleek

    These look very nice, but because I have a white stove top, the contrast looks a little odd to me. And they fit my GE perfectly. I'm not using them mostly because of how they look on my stove top, but they are very nice looking. I'll stick to my chrome ones for now. Shipping was super fast - received my order much faster than anticipated.