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Simplee | Patient Billing Made Easy - Simplee© is changing the way patients pay medical bills and engage. We empower leading health systems to delight patients with transparency and convenience.

  • http://2.simplee.com/product.html Simplee®PAY | A Complete Billing and Payments Platform that Patients Love - Simplee©PAY empowers medical providers with a billing and payment platform that patients love. Our enterprise cloud solution helps providers earn billing trust and shift to self-service payment, which reduces collection costs and improves patient satisfaction.
  • http://2.simplee.com/know-the-difference-easy.html Simplee®PAY | Know the Difference - Convenient access across any and all devices - Simplee©PAY engages patients like a consumer company with any platform, any device availabilty. Paper bills sent but only as “Plan B” with Simplee’s Paperless strategy.
  • http://2.simplee.com/know-the-difference-clear.html Simplee®PAY | Know the Difference - Help patients know what they owe and why - Simplee©PAY increases transparency throughout the patient experience, from pre-service to post-service.
  • http://2.simplee.com/know-the-difference-flexible.html Simplee®PAY | Know the Difference - Reduce barriers to patients completing payment - Simplee©PAY provides a comprehensive set of payment options from credit cards to debit cards, checking accounts to savings accounts, HSAs to FSAs, to swipers and cash.
  • http://2.simplee.com/know-the-difference-pfs-staff.html Simplee®PAY | Know the Difference - More effective Central Billing Office - Simplee©PAY empowers PFS staff to resolve billing issues quickly and easily with patients while expanding online engagement.
  • http://2.simplee.com/resources Simplee® | Patient Payment Resources, Guides, Tips, Help, & Tools - Simplee® collection of expert insights into the innovations and trends shaping patient payments and engagement. Mix of original and 3rd party content including articles, infographics, whitepapers, webinars, and videos.
  • http://2.simplee.com/resources/top-4-ways-high-deductible-plans-can-impact-hospitals-bottom-lines/ Simplee® | Top 4 ways high-deductible plans can impact hospitals' bottom lines - ACA-offered high-deductible plans will impact your hospital's bottom line - and here's how.
  • http://2.simplee.com/resources/how-to-think-of-consumer-based-health-care/ Simplee® | How to think of consumer-based health care - Consumer-based health care is here to stay, but how can your hospital facilitate timely payments in this era of health care?
  • http://2.simplee.com/resources/new-yorks-patient-billing-battle-why-hospitals-are-in-the-crossfire/ Simplee® | New York's patient billing battle: Why hospitals are in the crossfire - A new patient protection bill will be implemented in New York next year that requires providers to offer patients cost estimations at the point of service - here's why your hospital should adopt patient friendly billing even if you aren't in the state.

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  • Vanderbilt - My favorite planner ever!

    This is the cutest planner! I love how there are monthly tabs and pages for weekly plans. I also love the quotes for every month! I will definitely purchase another Kate Spade planner for 2016!

  • mario - and storage space are all amazing benefits. But the killer advantage is a driving ...

    After 120,000 miles, I'm well accustomed to life in Model S. I’m always in the car! Acceleration, handling, cold-weather performance, and storage space are all amazing benefits. But the killer advantage is a driving life that no longer revolves around gasoline.

  • Gberg - Do not waste your time and money with these!

    At the time of purchase there was a glowing 5 star review, so I had high hopes with these. When they came on Friday (it is now Sunday), I had to pair each earbud separately for them to work, but even then they only worked at the same time (stereo) only twice and each time only lasted about 5 minutes -- and this is me trying to get them to work together for at least a couple of hours that night. Now they only work one earbud at a time (mono), because once one is paired the other refuses to pair and vice versa. I've only had them a couple of days, but since I threw away the packaging I just got rid of them instead of trying to return them. I pretty much just wasted $30. I ended up purchasing a pair of Jam mini wireless earbuds at Walmart yesterday for $40, it was the last pair they had at the store I went to (model HX-EP315A). They are the type that are bluetooth and the two earbuds are wired to each other. They worked on first try and I'm happy with them so far! Do not waste your time and money with these!


    This product is garbage. We followed directions and it worked for only a couple of months. The battery charges but there is a switch problem. Will have to contact the company directly to try and get refund. I did way better getting another brand used weed wacker in the thrift store.

  • Tejaswi, Billa-Koti - It is indeed like a personal coach and pushes you to achieve your ...

    Moov is not any other fitness device out there. It is NOT for people who simply want to simply count their steps or track their sleep. It is much more than that. It is indeed like a personal coach and pushes you to achieve your goals. The biggest advantage it has over any other is it, waterproof and can be worn at all times. The design for strap might be a little flawed, but i'd live with it. I'd highly recommend this poduct

  • Nick Ricci - How can you go wrong with Sorry??...you CANT!!

    This game was purchased for my middle-school students. Their ages range from 10-17 and they all love it! It is also great for adults as like me, you probably played this as a kid! Great for kids, great for families, pretty much great for everyone! You can NOT go wrong with Sorry!