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  • Judy Bernstein - Good explanation of why it's important to get off the meds

    Prescription meds can help in a crisis situation but then you need to get off them and figure out how to handle the problem with less harmful substances. The book explains how medications that completely stop stomach acid are bad for digestion and therefore bad for health overall. It's better to work with your body to heal yourself and the book explains how you can do this. This book has helped me take action and I feel so much better!!

  • Joseph - Product would not reinstall

    My grandmother's computer had to be restored to a previous save point, and after that I could not get this program working or reinstalled. FTM customer service was useless. Ended up being very buggy and my grandmother now cannot use it. It turned out to be a waste of my money and a disappointment to my grandmother.

  • Tess Rup - I have a very sensitive stomach and have even been ...

    I have a very sensitive stomach and have even been diagnosed with IBS so I was reluctant to try ANOTHER appetite suppressant after I've tried several in the past and they either make me sick, or they make me too jittery to go on about my every day life. I can honestly say that this is the first product I've ever tried that is true to its advertisement. It gives me natural energy, but no so much that I even realize it (aka - no "funny" feeling or jittery feeling), it keeps me from eating more than what I need and as an added bonus, the combination of the Garcinia Cambogia and the Green Coffee Bean Extract controls my IBS symptoms. For example, I ran out of the Garcinia Cambogia last week before I realized I was low on pills and boy did I pay for it - for about 2-3 days, my stomach was upset and I couldn't leave my house a few times when I really needed to. I am thankful for this natural appetite suppressant and I plan to continue to use it to help control my appetite and my IBS symptoms. (I've been using it since late May, 2014)