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  • J Walker B - Nothng New.

    Roxio has repackaged a set of existing products under a new name with very little new to offer. If you already have and like Roxio, the NXT Pro package has some interesting extras that are worth a look.

  • Gen.Dan - GREAT!

    I have had a few sets of wireless head phones over the past year and I really enjoy this set. In fact I think that this set will become the set I use the most for a lot of reasons. First they say they have 6-8 hours of continuous listening. I used them for about 3 hours and they were still going strong. My other pair last about 2 hours and sometimes when I’m rock climbing or something like that I need them to last longer. That’s the reason I have a few pair :), but 4 hours out of one set of head phone would be great.

  • Dogstargem - A steady read

    I have read all Wiehl's novels. I enjoyed them. This story is interesting and fun because I am familiar with the area. There is a lot of suspense and a pretty good tale. There are several things that I don't like. 1. Erica continues to blame her upbringing Sigh. 2. She is progressively neurotic,IMO 3. She lacks the same instincts regarding her daughter that she uses to pursue the news. 4. The author takes a cheap shot at Trump revealing her politics. Why? I think it was mean. Draw your own conclusions. It is a good read for the most part.

  • morgan p - I didn't know how to make it work but my grandson did!

    To be honest, I couldn't get this card reader to work on my phone. I found no instructions whatsoever in the box either. I gave up after an hour and a half of trying everything I knew, which consisted of plugging it in and out of my phone while praying for a miracle, to get it to work. My grandson, an avid hunter, came by and I gave it to him so he could try his luck. It seems these young people take to new technology like fish take to water because he called me later all ecstatic about how great this thing is. Said he had to download an app to get it to work on his phone, that would be a nice thing to include in an instruction manual. Now he tells me he won't have to wait till he gets home to see if there had been any activity near his deer stand, especially beneficial on days he plans to hunt. My son-in-law wants to get one now, they can't share it on hunting days. My son-in-law and grandson would give this a full five starts because they love the thing. I read on the listing that I needed to check my phone for an "OTG function" and I did not do that, mainly because I am an old fart that has no idea what that means. It's all I can do to dial a phone number and an occasional, make that very rare, text. Thankfully I have tech savvy kids who were able to help, otherwise I could not give a review because of my lack of technical expertise. Still, something telling me about how to find and download that app would have been helpful. I might get another one for myself if they will install it for me.


    Received Kava Kava but the item contained gelatin - not the Vcaps as stated in product description. Complete waste of money and very disappointing as we already opened the item and my partner (a vegetarian for 15+ years) took one before realizing.

  • Leonard Jones - MCAT Prep Rocks!

    Excellent review and prep for the MCAT. Book was as advertised and provides quality information for anyone prepping for the MCAT.