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City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Sam R - Dark, Gritty, Taboo

    I wanted to love this book and I did love part of this! The first half was a 5 star read for me. But then as time went on, it became a bit too much. I really liked the taboo nature of this book. I never read a stepfather/stepdaughter romance before and found it really different and interesting. The sex scenes made me fan myself they were so hot. I like how in depth the book was too. It didn't feel too short. I like dark romances...but this is definitely a trigger book for some people. Some things were mentioned that turned my stomach, a lot of things actually. The book was a bit disjointed. It felt like all the characters were huge villains except the two main characters. It was a bit too dramatic. My biggest problem would be Max, the male lead. He was too weak, didn't stand up for himself, and it was hard to root for him. I also would have liked to known what made him so crazy about Lola Grace. I didn't feel the connection.

  • C. Logan - ... bought this for the ingredients in it - seemed like it would be excellent for me

    I bought this for the ingredients in it - seemed like it would be excellent for me. But, it caused gas and bloating and general discomfort. Perhaps it works better for others.

  • Elizabeth Clarke - Sadly Disapointing. Too many drop-outs.

    This thing does what it's supposed to about 90% of the time. Yeah, its' easy to program with an intuitive interface. Yes, it's sturdy and doesn't overheat. Yes, the Wifi is super solid and runs dual bands simultaneously. It's The Rolls Royce model for a Rolls Royce price-tag. That's the problem. If you spend over 200 bucks on a wifi router/modem combo you expect the the thing to work. About3 times a week it will drop internet or local network access (rarely both, oddly) for some or all of my devices. Nothing I seem to try will reconnect other than a hard reboot of the Motorola unit, which you cannot do from the interface. You have to unplug it,,,sometimes 2, 3, 4 times.