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AAPM: The American Association of Physicists in Medicine - The American Association of Physicists in Medicine is a member society concerned with the topics of medical physics, radiation oncology, imaging physics, health physics, hospital physics, medical radiation, physics careers, ionizing radiation, brachytherapy and diagnostic imaging.

  • https://aapm.org/careers/ AAPM Career Services - American Association of Physicists in Medicine - AAPM Career Services where you can find and apply to quality jobs from top hiring companies in the industry.
  • https://aapm.org/government_affairs/default.asp AAPM Government Affairs - medical physics,radiation oncology,imaging physics,health physics,hospital physics,medical radiation,physics careers,ionizing radiation,brachytherapy,diagnostic imaging

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  • Aly VanderPlas - I love these mats

    I love these mats. The only downside is that the captains seats are stationary and can not be moved backwards any further due to the constraints of the mats,


    We have dining room chairs cloth covered seats & backs.. Great grand-kids spilled spaghetti, chocolate milk & list goes on on them ..This product removed ALL the stains & fabric still looks like new..(got them their own little table & chairs now ,till they get a little older ,cuz 2 year olds SPILL ,period.. This is the very best we've ever used.. Got ours at Lowe's or Home Depot..Can't recall for sure but now it's our ONLY fabric cleaner..

  • Amazon Customer - Works perfectly

    It just works. I don`t understand the issues other people have been having with it not being recognized or charging their iPhones, etc. I have an iPhone and 3 different iPads (including the newer iPad Pro 12.9) and this cable just works. It works flawlessly

  • Michael - Flextone

    Yes, this product does work and seems to work fairly well. Like other reviewers have noted, it serves to tighten and tone abdominal muscles but will not burn fat. I suffer from back problems, so doing sit-ups and other "ab crunches" can be a painful proposition. I can walk a treadmill fine, so this is where I use the Flextone. I use it on a 30 minute setting while working out at a fast walking pace, 3X a week. It does work to help tighten abdominal muscles, and in doing so has helped improve posture and appearance. I have also used it in the evenings while doing less strenuous activities to help tone the stomach muscles. Overall I am pleased with the product. Like another reviewer noted, the gel pads tend to dry out quickly, so I have used what another suggested. After each use I clean the gel pads by applying an alcohol-based hand cleaning gel, then recover the gel pads with the plastic sheets. Then I place the belt inside a zip-lock freezer bag to keep ambient air out. So far this has helped to extend the life of the gel pads quite a bit. (I have not had to replace them yet..... and have used it at least 80 times so far).

  • Pirate UFO - Best played when drunk

    There's nothing like drunk ouija! Watch as the planchette continues to spell out "xxcagddp [sun] 625 tuy [goodbye]", regardless of the question asked. taunt the spirits, keep arrested development playing in the background.