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  • Briano - A Little Bit Too Small, But It Keeps The Rain Out

    Like so many garment today, I expected that a large would be good and roomy. It is not. However, I got away just fine with the smaller size in Ireland recently. Bought it for that very trip. I like it very much, by and large (no pun intended), but it could be a bit bigger. The color is a bit like Army olive drab, but I like it because it's not too bright. My wife wondered why I had spent $100 for what she said felt like a garbage bag. It is kind of crinkly, but it keeps the moisture out and you don't sweat like you're working out. Try out your basic windbreaker: it won't keep you dry and you'll sweat a lot on the part of your body that the jacket covers.

  • Guitar hopeful - Ordered the hard copy from Amazon, but decided not ...

    Ordered the hard copy from Amazon, but decided not to wait and downloaded it anyhow. The game crashes every few turns for me. The game would not relaunch after one crash. I found a routine on the internet from someone else who had the same problem of not being able to launch. The routine, that involved do a repair the the Visual C Runtime, did allow me to be able to play the game again, but it still constantly crashes. I would like to note that Steam refuses a refund saying I played the game 6 hours (read: game worked okay 2 hours, then experienced 4 hours of crashing and trying internet fixes). Steam sends their refund rejection in a noreply form email.

  • Tamey - Buyer beware

    After only having the software for 4 months I ended up having to reload my OS (not related to Kaspersky). I registered Kaspersky when I first loaded it. My software said I was allowed 3 users. So when I had to reload my software, I figured there would be no problem. It wouldn't activate. Said I had used up all my activations. I contacted their support. After they made me jump thru hoops to send them all kinds of scanned proof it was proper software (even though I registered it when I bought it), they tell me they will not reactivate the code because I bought it from Amazon. So beware, if you just have to have this product - buy it from their website and not from here. I'm going to contact Amazon, but I may end up going back to Spyware Doctor even if it is a cpu hog.

  • Dee Onna Herrera - Great book

    This is all I used to review for my NCLEX. Passed the first time with very minimal number of questions. Would recommend to others!

  • Carmen - Good deal for the price.

    These knives are sharp for the most part but the large butcher seems to be weak compared to others I have owned. Maybe it just wasn't sharpened properly. I have not used the butcher since the first time I tried it. I have ordered a sharpener and will see if that helps any. The rest of the knives cut beautifully and for that I will give it 4 stars.

  • Charles A. Sloan - One of the best research books on the market

    I have been using their reference books in my private practice for years. The contents are more easily found than other books I've used. Also its in a "language" that my clients can understand should I need to read a passage to them for explanation.