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  • Amazon Customer - J U N K

    JUNK. 5 months after buying it, it just decided not to record any more in the middle of the day. Replaced the sdcard, thinking it was bad, but it didn't help. I changed all the settings back to default and it would just sit there. NEVER again will I purchase this brand of equipment.

  • RG74 - Good, but not for everybody

    First I will start with a bit of context so that you can judge my judgement. I'm a relatively active, healthy 40 year old that tore my calf and ruptured my Achilles. The surgeon who performed the surgery is a colleague of mine at one of the best hospitals in the country. He took his time to explain to me about the difficult recovery and how critical it was to follow the instructions provided, which are rather simple: NO weight bearing on the injured leg and keep the foot elevated above the heart as much as possible until I seem him again in three weeks. His biggest concern during recovery is infection of the wound and re-rupture of the tendon, usually from a fall. Unlike in my previous injuries that required surgery and rehab (I've had a few since my 20's), I'm older now and I took his advise much more seriously...the last thing I want to do is repeat this grueling process.

  • Ryan Beaty - Great Product

    Easy to install, look great, excellent coverage, easy to clean. Seller was easy to work with as well. Won't go without these again.

  • augustine11 - great case with pencil

    This case is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a case that could hold a pencil securely, while providing a case that covers the screen. This hits the mark and holds the pencil very securely, however its not hard at all to remove when you need it. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone that is looking for a Smart Cover like case and holds a pencil.