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  • Empower Network - Can Soursop Nown as Annona Muricate Cure Cancer? - The Soursop is a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It also contains a long, prickly green fruit which happens to kill cancer up
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  • S. Brown - Best "Shampoo" for Curly Hair, BUT...

    I used to be like every other woman with naturally curly hair, switching shampoos and conditioners every few months and always looking for the perfect styling products. Until, that is, I found Deva Curl. My hair stylist (who also has curly hair) started carrying the Deva Curl line and recommended the products to me. I was skeptical for sure, but I have been using Deva Curl No Poo, One Condition and AnGell for about two years now and I'm never going back! "No Poo" does not lather, as the name suggests, and feels more like conditioner. But it will clean your hair! I can't speak to issues with oily hair, because my hair only gets oily when I don't wash it for 2-3 days. Although, "No Poo" seems to cut through the oil in my hair on those rare occasions too. Also, "No Poo" allows you to wash your hair everyday without drying it out, because it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it. Personally, my hair can't be restyled after sleeping on it without washing and drying it all over again.

  • Sara V - Fast relief for a painful condition

    I love this product. The three DVD's take you first through a diagnosis of your type of sciatica. My chiropracter didn't even know that their were different types and treatment is different. The explanations are so clear and practical that it is easy to figure out your type. There are different stretches according to each type and within three days I was out of pain. I do the universal stretches now to stay pain free. But even better, they target the real problem which is a muscle imbalance. Again, through very simple steps you find out your particular muscle imbalance and how to correct it. I have just started working on the exercises for my particular muscle imbalance which is a high hip. I have talked about these DVD's to so many people and now, even my chiropracter wants a set. I would highly recommend these tapes. For $77.00 you will receive the equivalent of hours of therapy and a program to stay pain free for life.

  • Chadillac - Don't waste your money

    Doesn't work kids... I had to do a follicle test after receiving an offer from a Fortune 100 company. I did the Jerry G method. I even bleached/dyed my hair three times and used Toxin Wash each time. I have little body hair, so all of the hair was taken from my head. Don't waste your money, just take a moment and cry a little because you are screwed. I am a daily smoker if you were curious!

  • Amazon Customer - Needs Improvement

    Disappointed!! Have had the cover for 3 years now with normal use. It has not held up very well. 3 of the 4 plastic hinge bases have cracked. The vinyl cover and clamps are still good, but the folding joints are weak. They should make them of stainless steel or aluminum so they will hold up better. Just finished using epoxy to glue them back together reinforcing with cut pieces of aluminum.