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  • Emily - Really nice

    This dog house gets 5 stars, with the understanding that it was one of the least expensive ones out there for this size. I definitely had some fears for it's possible low quality, but the house went together easily and looks great! It seems very sturdy. I find I really enjoy the customizable "name bar" - A small silly feature I know, but it adds character to the place. I am using the house for 4 smaller dogs so didn't want to put just one name on it and instead named the HOUSE. (Grey Haven)

  • Megan Eddings - I'm a professional dog groomer

    I get this hoping to find a great way to de-shed customers dogs. Well, here's my profession opinion. It works on some dogs. But buyer beware! You will cut your dog it's just s saw blade in a block of wood. I could cut a small tree down with this thing. Go slow and be careful.

  • Bobbie A. - Wonderful diaper cream!

    My 9 week old daughter has very sensitive skin and I myself try to use only natural products on my skin so it goes without saying I want the best out there for my baby. This cream is very light, has a wonderful smell and is wonderful at preventing and treating minor diaper rash (it might be great for treating severe rash - we just never have had one luckily)

  • Sarah - Bought TWO!

    I bought one for my father as a gift and a few months later I got the same one, different color for my boyfriend. They both LOVE IT!

  • Sdawson - Nice mats but I wish the fronts came up higher ...

    Nice mats but I wish the fronts came up higher in the center. Everyone rest their foot on the side of the center hump which isn't covered by the floor mat.