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  • Emma Bovary - Ninja a True Fighter

    I love this blender and use it every day but at first I was as disappointed as some of the reviewers here. It does not work like your average blender because of the vertical blades and so requires some adjustment from the way you are used to using a blender. I make a smoothie every day and have learned to adjust to the difference. You need to start at #3, the recommended level for making a smoothie, to coarsely chop the ingredients, then change to Pulse a few times, and finally back to #3. It works beautifully!

  • Mama kharis - LOVE

    We had tried a few different protein powders out, both were milk based and left me feeling bloated with severe cravings.

  • Warren Weissman - Good thing for my backup and older laptop

    Beware!!!!!!! A key Feature of this Product does not work "EDIT WRAP POINTS" Don't transfer ANYTHING from Publisher 2007 & 2010 into Publisher 2013 it will disable all of your EDIT WRAP POINT work !!! I found out the hard way. Good thing for my backup and older laptop. Edit Wrap Points is a great feature hope they fix it in future version. I'm sure a fix is in the works but until than look for an older version 2007 & 2010 both work on windows 8. You can run multiple versions of publisher on windows 8. Use advanced settings to enable Publisher 2013 and load 2010 or 2007. I am going to refund and use the old version on the old laptop for now. otherwise it seems publisher 2013 works as well with some nice new features !

  • Serbski - Save Your Money

    This book was phoned in by the author. It is simply a chronological listing of events, the great majority of which are already well known to anyone interested enough in the subject to think of buying the book. There is no "look from inside the tent" in either the Obama or Romney campaigns. Where are the interesting personal vignettes, the conflicts in the staff, the fast-changing dynamics of a major political campaign? Don't look for any of that here.