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  • Shelby davis - temporary solution at best

    The first few months it was fine, however proformance quickly degraded. After about perhaps two months it would not get hot enought to cook chicken, we are talking +30 minutes of cooking time and the center is still raw. now 6 months after the purchase it will not even cook eggs, it is not even hot enough to burn my hand at full power after 20 minuts of cooking! For $25 I would say it is a temporary solution at best.

  • Deny Evers - Happy Hubby

    My husband loved this shampoo when we went to a posh hotel and as an anniversary gift tracked down 3 bottles. Made his day.. Thank you.

  • Kinky&Curly - Awesome!!!

    I recommend this product to all natural out there. Does not mix well with other products, tend to make it harder to detangle when mix with other products.

  • Danaea Hagopian - Perfect for the toddlers starting out doing puzzles

    Perfect for the toddlers starting out doing puzzles. Pieces are big enough for little toddler hands. My 3 year old was doing this on her own after a couple times doing it with me.

  • T-Powers - Dissapointed

    Sorry guys, I had high hopes for this one. It is hardly ever connected, even when I put it next to my router. Oh, and one day I thought, let me put it on the dining room table, may get a better reception. Bad move! My dog dragged the Furbo down, chewed up part of the top part and the lid. But the worst is that I cannot get it to connect, let's say only once a week for an hour or so. I want to be able to see my dogs all the time while at work! Is there an update on the app maybe?

  • C. Mann - These are good quality and I have used it on different brands ...

    This spray can adapter really helps while painting. These are good quality and I have used it on different brands of paint and it snaps right on and holds tight enough to not drop the can but can be easily removed when the can is empty. I hold the can to shake and do not try to shake while holding the handle. Don't believe it would hold up to that abuse.