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  • MoJo - Great product, fast results...

    I began using this product a month ago & am pleased with its results. I wanted to give it a full month before I reviewed the product so that it would have the chance to "show & prove". Overall, I am satisfied with the product. It smells great, it's not messy in any way, and you get good results. I applied the cream as directed daily for at least 2 weeks & began seeing a difference. Not only that, my clothes fitted a little more tight in that area & I felt a little heavier there, lol. The best thing was when my hubby commented "your booty bigger", so that confirmed what I thought I saw when I looked in the mirror. I will begin doing squats & using this product as directed so I know I will get the look I desire.

  • Frances I. Sanclemente - This cream is amazing!

    The arthritis in my hip had almost crippled me. I bought a cane 2 weeks ago. After 6-8 weeks of gradually losing mobility, I was desperate for some sort of relief. I've tried ibuprofen, glucosomine pills and liquid, you name it. I was to the point where getting in and out of a car where a near impossibility and climbing my stairs was almost out of the question. I was afraid walking would be a thing of the past. I mentioned something about arthritis creams and patches to a friend who went to the nearest drug store for my first jar of Australian Dream Cream. This was on a Saturday. Within 4 days, climbing the stairs was no problem, my limp was completely gone. After a week, no limp at all. Occurrence of pain down about 90%. After two weeks, the whole 8 weeks episode is just a bad memory. I still use the cream once every other day, just for safe measure. I've recommended it to several friends as well as my 83 old mother, all have the same results. This is the stuff miracles are made from!

  • Ann Kristal - I'm sure it will be more useful when I visit different areas of Japan

    Lots of information - I found the writing to be a little small and too heavy to travel with. I'm sure it will be more useful when I visit different areas of Japan.

  • Zadira - Great scent and doesn't dry out my skin!

    I'm not usually a big fan of the scent of roses, but the subtlety of the scent in the witch hazel Is actually very pleasant. I've been using the toner for a few weeks now and I've noticed that it is doing about the same job as a much more expensive brand I was previously using with the added benefit of not drying out my cheeks (I have combination skin and while my nose tends to get oily, any alcohol based products leave dry patches on my cheeks). I am extremely happy with the results I'm seeing and will definitely be replacing my old toner with this one from now on.