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  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***

  • D. S. Greenberg - Software is the worst ever, Hardware very nice

    I purchased this item to help rid myself of large quantities of receipts, business cards, clippings, and documents. Initial installation was easy and I was happily scanning items in. The OCR works pretty well, and I was happy that I could scan items in and export them later if I needed to.

  • Mic Ramey - The difference between topical Biochanin and Biotin

    I’ve had a lot of questions about the difference between Biotin and Biochanin, both of which are supposedly ways to limit hair-loss! Honestly I did not know the difference because they sound so similar and people claim both of these supplements help limit hair-loss. Apparently the difference here is that Biochanin, while it DOES stimulate osteoblastic differentiation and inhibit the inflammation around your scalp and follicles that lead to hair loss, it is not something that you can take orally!! You have to apply it to your scalp. I’ve been trying 

  • DarkMan - 2nd issue is the memory I got for the board RMA the memory an the replacement is also bad or it is the mainboard not working wit

    have had nothing but major issues with the mainboard. had to RMA the very first one to Asus the second one is stable. 2nd issue is the memory I got for the board RMA the memory an the replacement is also bad or it is the mainboard not working with the memory installed 2 video cards in SLI an the pc wont stay stable so had to remove the 2nd video card all in all I would avoid the mainboard

  • Amazon Customer - I ABSOLUTELY love Thrive (and no

    I ABSOLUTELY love Thrive (and no, I do not sell it). I gave it a try after seeing a couple posts from a friend on facebook and I honestly refuse to go without this. I was skeptical at first. I work 12 hours overnight (7p-7a) and I have two small children so sometimes I do not get much sleep in (if at all) before my shift. This stuff works amazing for my energy levels and suppressing my appetite. It doesn't make me jittery or anything extreme like that, it just improves my focus and actually gives me the motivation to do things (I take both pills in the packet). Even on days when I am not working and I am home with the kids, it gives me the energy to get everything I need and want to get done, done. I am not a fan of the shakes because in my opinion they are too gritty. I ended up always using a blender to mix it with lots of ice and one serving of peanut butter. That made it pretty good, but not worth the cost to me, although the shakes do help with appetite control. For any one wondering about the patches, I found those to be useless. It's almost like an advertising ploy since they are their brand on the patch. Maybe they work for some, but not me. While I don't personally buy through amazing (I feel like I should continue to support my friend who sells it), if you are iffy on trying it, the cost is cheaper on Amazon (it cost $60+$9.99 for shipping through Le-Vel).

  • bird - Awesome Beer Device

    I bought this on Indiegogo and it is amazing! I was skeptical at first if it would have any impact on the beer and it definitely does! I have tried a few different craft beers in this with a side by side straight from the bottle. This device gives a creamier mouth feel and a nice thick head. It is kind of like a step toward making it a nitro pour, but you can still tell it is CO2. It brings out different flavors of the beer too that you wouldn't notice straight from the bottle. My dad liked this so much he wants one for Christmas.

  • Mikey - The ULTIMATE Abdominal Punishment!

    All I can say is...WOW. I have tried doing ab exercises in the past, but never felt that I engaged them enough to have a positive effect (maybe my beer belly had something to do with it!) I've had my Flex Belt for a few days now, and it's INTENSE! I actually look forward to my sessions, I'm encouraged and excited to work out now, and it has helped me with portion control during meals, as my abs are much tighter and sometimes sore. Here's the regime that I follow. I start off with Crunch 1 and Crunch 2 (that's 90 crunches) at intensity level 150/150 - yes, it is very intense at that level, but I love it. I do the Crunch workouts first, because my abs are too fatigued to try to do them at the end. Next, I do Ab-Power (Session 7) at level 150/150 on my back. This is the strongest session, and I try to pull my abs toward my spine during each contraction...the ultimate abdominal punishment! This really tires out my abs, but I'm not done yet! I do another Ab-Power session, again trying to suck in my belly, but it's really tough during this session because my abs are really fatigued at this point. If I try to slack off because I feel that I can't take anymore, WHAM! Here comes another GUT CRUSHING contraction! There is no escape!