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  • Sharon Lewis Small - other flavors

    I would like to have other flavors and maybe my pain is just too old for it to help me. I am not sure if it a mine thing but one day I feel fine the next I hurt all over.

  • Matt - Lost 20 pounds.

    My wife and I have been through one round of Alpha and Beta plus a few more weeks of Beta. I am 36 and 5' 10", and I was around 205 when I started this program. I am down to 185. I did not follow the diet plan that comes with it, but I did eat a healthy diet and limited my calories. I am really happy with the results that I have seen so far. My wife didn't really need to loose any weight, but she lost 10 pounds doing this as well.

  • pastorjfa - Great until it breaks

    I will start of saying I loved my NuWave oven while it was working. The problem is at just over 15 months it started to act like a fuse was blown and needed to be reset. I tried it in different sockets but it made no difference. For about two months it would work sporadically until it finally won't work at all. I notified the company and they said the power head was shot and offered me a new head for $40 plus 19.95 shipping because it was no longer in warranty. Then they informed me that the only way I could get that deal was to ship back the defective (out of warranty) old power head at my cost for shipping. iF i WOULDN'T DO THAT THEN THEY WERE GOING TO CHARGE ME $65 PLUS 19.95 SHIPPING. Does anybody think this makes sense other than their customer service. SO BEWARE IF YOU WANT A GREAT WORKING COOKER FOR LESS THAN 18 MONTHS THEN BUY IT BUT DON'T COUNT ON GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PLAN ON SPENDING $85 EVERY YEAR AND A HALF TO CONTINUE ENJOYING THIS COOKER.

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'