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  • F. Borrego - Granite on a budget

    We needed to do our bathroom counter and sink but had a $500 budget. So we found a new sink/faucet at the Habitat for Humanity store and with the faux granite our bathroom remod came in just under $200. There is a learning curve to get it looking fantastic so go slowly, plan/think each step, follow the instructions. We are now planning to do the kitchen with the faux granite our budget is $800 but that needs to include a new dishwasher and new sink/faucet.

  • Aravind Reddy - Fantastic product at a great price!

    I just got the new Chromebook from a nearby Bestbuy store and my first impressions are that this is an amazing value for 250 dollars. The build quality is well constructed, although it does not have the premium feeling a laptop like the Macbook Air. However, there is no flex to the machine and the keyboard/trackpad are top notch. The display does not have wide viewing angles, although this shouldn't be too much of a problem unless if it is just you using the laptop. The battery life so far has been impressive since with about four hours of use, it has gone done about 56 %. i will update this review after a couple more weeks of using it as my primary laptop. One concern I do have is the charger is not as durable as I would like and I am not sure how it will fair in long term use, but I will update this review if I experience any problems with it. As far as Chrome OS, I have used both the Mac operating system as well as Windows and I am quite pleased with the experiences I have had on my chromebook so far. Google docs, which comes preloaded on the Chromebook, is a fantastic substitute for Microsoft Word and it works well even if the computer is offline. Adobe flash is already installed on the computer and the performance is quite good for video watching and flash websites such as Amazon Instant Video. I would suggest downloading the application Adblock from the Chrome Web store because it will stop any flash ads from popping up, which I have generally found to decrease the performance of loading a website. Unless you are heavy gamer or do a lot of video/photo editing, I would highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - So I have fine 3a, 3b

    So I have fine 3a, 3b, and a few 3c curls. I probably even have a some 2's mixed in because my hair just likes to be different. I have tried several gels and jellys and keep coming back to the kinky curly curling custard. When I first tried it I hated it. But there is a particular way to use it and everyone's hair is different. I have to make sure I have good moisture in first and a good conditioner (ie leave in) then apply to very wet hair! If I let it dry to much, it looks bad. Then I let it completely dry. Either air or defuse. It does get very hard and once it is dry I just scrunch it and I'm good for the day! Or 2 days and sometimes 3!

  • Christopher B. - Good...but not as advertised. (Size "Small" review)

    Ok I have a few things to say about this product. I commute to work everyday by bike and I was looking for a smaller bag to substitute for my larger one during the summer where the weather is a lot warmer (read: I sweat a lot more). This bag had great reviews and came in a variety of sizes. So, onto the review..

  • Kevnbro - Ticks Abound!

    I suppose customers who gave 5 stars for this product either have few ticks in their yards or none at all. Those of us living near tick infested woods however don't seem to be too terribly impressed with Bayer's new product. Our Australian Shepherd is covered with ticks daily even though he's been wearing his Seresto collar (we paid close to 80 bucks for) for close to a month. Almost a month in and we're already back to a topical tick treatment. I'd like my money back please.