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  • kiki23 - I Love Lucy!

    I so glad I finally got this. It really is bliss to have I literally cried when I looked at the photos! I will treasure this always. It was even in pretty fine condition. Either way I'm so glad to have gotten this and thank you!!!

  • Sherrill M. Meeks - I love it

    I love this product. I use it especially for yeast infections and it works wonderfully. My massage therapist also uses it on me to help strengthen my immune system. Good stuff. I always try to have 2 - 3 full bottles on hand.

  • AliceIsThatYou? - good mind thumbs up

    i like this because i have try different Nootropic and this one does not make my head feel like a blood vessel just eruptep , yeah i know how that sound dangerous right well i try a product that felt like i would not make it , so be careful guys when you take any supplements , well back to the topic i do feel like this product helps and its working that all i can say.This product or item was provided by the seller at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. This is truly my opinion of the product and hasn't been influenced in any way. I hope this review has been helpful, I personally rely heavily on reviews so I know how important they are and I take that very seriously.

  • J. B. - Super camcorder

    I purchased the PowerLead CAM06 720P 16MP Digital Video Camcorder Camera DV DVR 2.7inch TFT LCD 16x ZOOM for Gifts-Black&Red for my wife to use instead of her phone to record video. It never seemed to matter how much space she has on her phone it is always full. With this camcorder, she can capture all the moments that she wants to and still have free space on her phone. Add a few 32GB memory cards and you can record all you need, and have a easy way to transfer the videos to your computers or other devices. She has enjoyed using this camera, and we have had no issues with it so far. I received this discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards or compensation for positive reviews. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, for the benefit of other people. This review is my own and I have personally tried the product. I hope this review will be helpful to others.

  • D. Grubb - Highly recommend

    Good book. I finally found a book that held my interest. In the beginning I had no idea what was going to happen, I loved that! As time went on I started guessing most, but still a really good read.