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  • Gayle K. Young - Quality floss actually makes a significant difference

    With the things one uses (or should use) every day, quality matters. This floss is robust, smooth, doesn't fray, and makes a daily chore more of a pleasure than it otherwise would be. Research shows that daily flossing is one of the significant variables in life extension, and if you're not interested in living longer, the day-to-day perk is cleaner gums and better breath. Absolutely worth investing in!

  • Shondel N. - Car ran over my phone, this case provided 100% PROTECTION!!!

    This is my current case now. I have absolutely no complaints about it. It's a very sturdy case, very appealing, and it does what it's suppose to do. Every now and then I drop my phone and this case saves the day.

  • gmoney - the stuff works!

    This is the only brand on the market known to work to me. I have used it many times all with success. You can't just drink the drink and hope for the best, you will need to do a lil research and follow all the instuctions for it to work. Would like to shake the persons hand who makes this stuff!

  • D.Ross - Working well for me!!!!

    So I started my first bottle on Sept.9, 2013 and its almost been a month, I have been taking the pills along with IsoSenuals (Curve) and I have seen a increase in my butt size. I'm happy with the progress thus far, but want more progress. Might I mention that I also exercise and include glute exercises to help. Ordering my 2nd bottle before I run out. I looked at many reviews and noticed people saying that I didn't work but there saying this within a few weeks of using the pills. When you start something new usually It's not magical, so give it sometime(at least 30 days) to build up in your system.

  • tito - POWER FROM THE GOD...

    Ok so I received the amp today... Instal took about ten minutes to switch power wire, ground etc.. to the zues. And let me tell you 6 years installing audio components in vehicles and I've always stuck to/ recommended name brands like kicker, jl, mtx etc.. but this amp is a steal for the price. The sound and the looks of the amp are just unbelievable. I couldnt believe my ears. My comp vrs hit the lows so hard my ears literally were itchy inside lol. Highly recomended amp if. Truly a bang for the buck. Bridged @ 1 ohm and amp has been cool to the touch even after about ten minutes of Buy This Beast!!!!