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  • Nick Manno - LOVE my little Subie!!

    Received my 2016 O/B 3.6R with eyesight on October 31, 2015. Have added about 7,000 miles thus far and I absolutely love this car. I've only had a couple of cars in my life that I feel like I connected with and loved this is one of them. I have a "can do" feeling with this car. Whether it is on some light dirt trails or in heavy rain or deep snow this car is self assured and you drive confident. Factory tires could be better but aren't horrendous, I've driven on worse. Interior is well finished and tight. No rattles. Trim looks high level and controls are laid out well. If I had to nit pick I would say a couple of things, first the GPS isn't the most spot on, I used to use a Garmin on my old car which I loved. The GPS isn't spot on perfect and will sometimes make me question its accuracy. Also, you can't program the GPS while driving. But overall not a deal breaker. Another issue that I would classify as an annoyance is using Pandora. I have an iPhone. It seems you need to plug the phone into the USB port and sometimes it can be picky getting Pandora to run. Regardless, if I had to buy this car again I would in a heart beat and in fact I'm excited to see what changes will happen for 2018. Now I know why Subaru has the highest owner brand loyalty..

  • WillfullyDamned - Finale MakeMusic, the ultimate abomination- shame on all of those working for MakeMusic

    This program gave me aids, ebola, and cancer. It is quite possibly the most buggy program ever released and Finale is robbing all of us for hundreds of dollars. The program is built on a corrupt foundation...some bugs have been around for over a decade and have never been addressed. If you like headaches and/or hate yourself by all means, give this program a try.

  • Erika Zivelonghi - ... as well as open up my older files very easily. The only trouble I may see in the ...

    I'm not a hundred percent sure why a lot of people are having trouble with the downloads and executing the program period I have Windows 7 and I have no trouble downloading it nor do I have any trouble accessing it on my computer each of the four files open properly and I can create new files as well as open up my older files very easily. The only trouble I may see in the future is if I decide to get rid of my laptop and want to actually put this program on a newer laptop I may have to get Windows involved. Otherwise it's advertised for one computer and that's how I plan to use it.

  • Sally Inabinett - I don't have before and after pictures but my nails look much better. They still are not perfect

    Nony X works for my nails that were damaged from cutting them too short. I was misdiagnosed with nail fungus but my nails were just curved. They were very thick but it was due to the nail growing differently. I tried everything on the market and podiatrists tried jublia and surgeries on the big toenail. Nothing helped. My nails kept growing into my toe. This was some serious pain. I eventually found filing the nail down ( and you have to be very careful with filing), and then putting the noni X nail gel helps tremendously. I don't have before and after pictures but my nails look much better. They still are not perfect. My experience with this product has literally changed my life. When a nail is curved and you cut it straight, as is customarily correct for most people, it can eventually damage the nail bed. I googled the treatment for nails like this and have been adhering to a non-traditional approach that works for me. I file the nail instead of cutting it. I use nony X 2 times a day. Sometimes I put Co Q 10 under the nail if it is hurting and that helps too. My nail appears to grow up instead of out. A word of caution, be careful filing the nail . Too much is not a good thing. I was told to never file the little moon part of the nail too. My nails may never grow out normally, or they may eventually get there. In the meantime, Nony X Nail Gel is my top recommendation for nails that are curved and growing into the toe.

  • Jeri - No results for me

    My hair is so thin and falls out due to medicines I have to take. I tried Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster as well as the shampoo and conditioner upon the recommendation of a dear friend. I had no positive results with the products and could not recommend them to anyone.

  • Kalaya Coleman - Its good

    As an African American female it is very hard for me to get rid of ingrown hairs around my private area. This product does well but it doesnt totally get rid of them. But they are not as harsh as they were before using the product. But overall I liked the product and it was well worth the money.

  • C. Pehl - Exactly as expected

    For those that have been using Quicken there should be no surprises. This is my first time downloading software through Amazon and everything worked great, pretty much just like installing from a CD. I didn't like having to install the Quicken Software Downloader (a 3MB application) it's yet another installation I don't want; yes I can un-install it, but for any PC literate person you know that means redidual entries in your Registry that build up over time, not enough to deter me from the convenience of getting the software when I was ready. If you really hate that concept order the CD version. Who knows, it probably leaves install entries too.