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  • Austin2048 - No more sleepless nights

    Biolife natural sleep aid is just what I needed to help with occasional sleepless nights. The capsules are easy to swallow and don't leave a foul taste behind. I sleep peacefully when I take these and feel very well rested when I wake up. I recommend these to anyone who has trouble sleeping at night.

  • Jonaida W. - So incredibly happy with the results! 😁

    I'm 23 years old and decided to buy the kit because I noticed weird stains on my teeth whenever I woke up in the morning. I also recently got my braces off and noticed stains from them. I was going to try the Crest white strips, but heard mixed reviews and the price was very expensive. I did some research and came across the AuraGlow system. I used the whitening system for about two weeks straight and then took a break for two weeks. After just two weeks of using it, I definitely noticed my teeth getting whiter and whiter with each use. I was a little hesitant at first, but I got multiple compliments on how white my teeth looked from people I knew and also from random people! It definitely helped boost my confidence in my smile A LOT! I totally recommend anyone who wants to get whiter teeth fast to try the AuraGlow whitening kit. You will NOT be disappointed!

  • Ewaldo5122 - This is a scam

    I was checking the price and they kept adding extras that came to $115.00 so I did not order. Weeks later it was on my bank card. I tried to put a stop order but it was to late, The same day I got a email stating the order had been shipped. After reading some of the problems others have had in returning and not to incur any more costs I will just keep the junk. Lesson learned. .

  • TamG - No thanks...

    I'm really disgusted with Great Heathworks...the manufacturer of OmegaXL! Once upon a time this was a superior product. However, they no longer use olive oil in these...they use SOY oil!!!! Which is miles cheaper...but still the obscene prices! I'm allergic to Soy and this change occurred without notice so I wasted money buying this garbage AND got sick...