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  • silencenomore - and I love the scent and the way it makes my skin ...

    I had this product already, and I love the scent and the way it makes my skin feel very soft and does not dry it out. I can also use it on my face and it doesn't cause any issues. I would recommend this product, but be careful if you have sensitivity to scent.

  • Molly Minx - So Gross and So Satisfying.

    I am 28 now but in high school I had pretty bad acne and spent a decent amount of time at the dermatologist (thanks Mom!) so I am very familiar with the disgusting and satisfying process of extracting. It is seriously the grossest thing you will do all day and you will feel good about it. If you are new to the process of extraction I would strongly suggest researching or youtubing techniques. When used incorrectly you can damage your skin or prolong your pimples by pushing everything deeper.

  • Kristine - fine wavy hair

    My hair gets messed with a lot for my work, has been bleached and mistreated. I'm a middle blonde, fine wavy hair.

  • Therese Campbell - Ms. New Booty!

    Who needs a bigger booty? I do! I do! I never knew that pills existed to help you get a bigger booty! I've been taking these for quite a while now and I have definitely been noticing a difference. Along with taking these pills, I have been doing squats everyday. So with the combination of the two, you will definitely see results. The results are not big at first and are hard to see, but slowly you will notice them! The capsules are not too big, so they are pretty easy to take. They also taste pretty good compared to literally any other capsule I've ever taken. They usually taste so bad that I almost throw up from taking them, but not these! I really look forward to continuing to take these pills and continue to see my new booty results!