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  • Dave B - DON'T BUY THIS - new sleazy royalty enforcement model

    Keurig has just entered the realm of a company I will never do business with again. First I can't imagine why they call this thing 2.0, aside, perhaps, from a second generation revenue stream for Keurig that this system will now enforce the collection of from customers. It's not Internet connected, its firmware can't be upgraded, the menu is primitive and lacks some very basic features (like being able to set the default brew size from 8 oz to 10 oz [and by the way, the size you really want is 12, which inexplicably isn't an option]), there's no app -- literally I see no feature benefit over the old system, and the old system doesn't lock you into Keurig-only k-cups like this one does. I spent 200 dollars on a coffee maker, and what I got was platform designed to lock a consumer into the role of enforcing Keurig's royalty-revenue desires. I've had this thing for too long to return, but I just received a variety box of coffee from Amazon. After ruining several k-cups trying to get it to work, I realized what Keurig had done -- you get a completely manufactured error if trying to brew a k-cup that wasn't officially licensed through Keurig (like many of the best brands out there). Totally sleazy move, and for anyone that has a stock of coffee on hand, be prepared to throw it out unless it is compatible with the new brewers. It's unfortunate that Keurig clearly doesn't have a modern understanding of consumer preferences -- people don't like being locked into forced-brand-loyalty.. Do yourself a favor and buy the Cuisinart version instead. It's made better and won't attempt to levy an annuity on people that already paid good money to buy the product.

  • jon gaudio - It's true!!!!!

    Words cannot describe the last four hours of my life, I must have lost 10lbs EASY! These little nightmares should be labeled as the devils anal soap...... I'll give you a breakdown......

  • Michael R. - Good review book

    Great review book with practice tests at the end. I read through each section and then timed myself while taking the test. The questions in this book were a little harder than the test itself, but accurate in the content - definitely worth it! I would also recommend getting cliff note books for A&P and Biology because this book wasn't as detailed in those sections.

  • Jellooe - Works ok, not what I was expecting....

    The entire first floor of my home is hardwood, which is approx 1200 sq ft. I bought this because I liked the fact that you could vacuum & mop at the same time and seemed like it would save time (and my back!). So far, I've used it a few times and though it's much easier than mopping by hand, it's extremely time consuming...as in, I could easily sweep, mop & let the floors dry before I'd be finished using the wet/dry vacuum. It does seem to clean ok, though my floors are stained very dark so I can't really tell. Still, the water comes back up quite dirty....but then again, so does water from a standard mop & bucket. I was expecting the spin/scrub brushes to actually scrub my floors...it does not. Instead, it simply glides across the floor picking up light dirt/dust. It will not mop up tougher dirty spots. Also, the fact that I cannot mop all the way to the base boards is a huge downfall. It would be nice if there were further mopping attachments.

  • Nowell L. Wood Jr. - Although I have only had the filter installed for two ...

    Although I have only had the filter installed for two days, I saw a huge difference right away with the amount of pressure that it provides for the pool vac. I contacted the company as soon as I purchased this as well, and the seller was quick to respond with the answer I needed.

  • J. C. Jorgensen - So-So

    Bought product for an alternative sleep aid. Works so-so. I would not recommend it on a regular basis or in any dosage other than the standard capsule unless you research the possible health effects and talk with your physician.