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  • N. Thomas - Launch Day

    I have had this since launch day, and have not had problems. I also got a PS4 when it launched, but had to send it back due to the HDMI issue. I am surprised how much I use the Kinect voice commands, and how simple it is to change channels with my voice.

  • Bill Stuart - What about men?

    When will men be getting a bic pen of their own? All we have is this wussy see-through bic. I want, no NEED, a bic wrapped in barbed wire to satisfy my manly needs. It should also write in beer instead of ink. And it should be usb compatible.

  • Recapture Quality of Life with HGH - Recapture Quality of Life with HGH

    Dr.Ronald Klatz book and the HGH oral spray has changed my life. I have suffered with physical pain and chronic fatigued from M.S. for fifteen years. The quality of life since starting with the HGH has improved beyond my dreams. I am a new woman with a brand new lease. I read Dr. Klatz book, listened to his radio interviews and started on the HGH. I noticed improvements in my physical well being in days--now four weeks later it just keeps getting better. I found a distribution Company in the area met the owners and bought six bottles. My own clinical trials has been giving a bottle of the HGH oral spray and Dr. Klatz book to family and friends. I no longer am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  • Derek Backus - Online Balances (Still) Broken

    There are a lot of things to like about Quicken 2014, but a few glaring issues make the reports and information presented useless. If the balances on my accounts would correctly update, I would give is 5 stars.

  • Leah Nicole - Plumping It Up With Kim

    I love NYX. I think it is absolutely awesome that they are naming colors after celebs. The "Kim" color is a pale pink with a slight orange undertone. This color goes well with my olive skin tone but I will probably wear it over my reg. lip pencil or lip stainer color. The consistency of color is transparent, like a normal gloss... Has some pigment but it probably won't stay for long.. However... Tingling definitely stays. As far as the "Plumping Up" aspect of this product, it works great. There is a lot of tingling. Doesn't really sting or hurt but I can definitely feel the tingle and I can definitely tell a difference in my lips when I look in the mirror. They look fuller and healthier. I have lots of lines on my lips and I am not sure why... but this plumper helps inflates the lips decreasing the lips, giving me fuller healthier lips...