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  • Myrna - Works great!

    I have been using Garcinia Cambogia for several weeks now. It is working well, as I take it 1/2 hour before meals and am not as hungry by the time I eat, so don't eat as much at a time. A great product to curb my appetite.


    This product was sent to me in a plastic envelope with just three UNSEALED loose bottles. You can only assume that the contents of these bottles really contain 5% minoxidil. You actually have no idea what you are putting on your scalp. If the bottles come from Costco unsealed, then you should receive them in a box that is sealed. No product information or applicator was included so there is no way for me to even apply the mystery contents. Please also note that it is not returnable. This was a very BAD and REGRETTABLE purchase for me.

  • Vincent - Disappointing garbage game.

    Bought the game the first day it came out, and after three days of playing and wanting to not only love it, but get my $60 out of it, I would describe it as disappointing Garbage. I don't even know where to start. Garbage weapons, garbage time period, garbage game play. Selling it for a loss just before I simply throw it in the trash.

  • Jay Brower - So far I think it's a neat little gadget and the video quality is very good. The manual

    Mine arrived yesterday. So far I think it's a neat little gadget and the video quality is very good. The manual, however, needs a lot of improvement. Whoever translated it from Chinese to English didn't do the greatest job. I've been searching for a youtube tutorial but haven't found anything yet so I'm playing around with different settings and feature so see if I can figure out what they are.

  • Richard R Baisch - If it worked for more than a couple of months at a time it my be worth a paper weight. I have two the will not hold up for ****

    I have re-turned two of them in less than a year they do not work all the time. Then when stop working all receipt tied up in their software you have spend another 500.00. to edit your receipt and expense reports. I hope you will never buy this product. Just think I have a half year of tax receipt that can't be re-edited. I guess my time is worth nothing because I have start all over again. PS I rated it a star because they will not post without at least one star.

  • Rich Enright - America Beware!

    Solid content, a bit repetitive and the editing is very mediocre. Overall a nice book to read for the non hyper sensitive crowd.

  • Jennifer Gieser - Interruption of the firmware update process could render your Silhouette CAMEO® 3 inoperable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so disappointed, I received this item last night as a birthday present from my husband and fresh out of the box it doesn't work. I have a friend who has the older version of this machine she uses for a business and just loves it. During the Firmware update and error came on the screen and closed down the firmware software rendering my machine un-operable right out of the box. There is a warning during the update process to not power down or unhook any cords and to follow all directions on the computer screen. All cords were properly attached. I did not power down my machine. The firmware simply failed and closed down. I am extremely frustrated. I read a few other reviews that Silhouette America was really unable to assist individuals with this error and the machines have to be returned. I am scared if I get a replacement machine the same thing will happen.