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  • Amazon Customer - Tasty and priced right.

    This is my favorite brand of Lemon Pepper seasoning. The flavors are balanced and there is no worry of biting into bitterness of cracked pepper. The freshness lasts throughout most of the container(For me 3/4) . You do need to remember that this product is salted so when seasoning food make sure to use this Lemon Pepper seasoning before adding salt as you can easily oversalt a dish otherwise.

  • Ryan - Nice Wireless Headphones

    I have always used my phone Bluetooth hands free device for listening to music while I run because I hate dealing with wires. The problem with this is that it only goes in one ear, is not loud, and not waterproof. When I saw these wireless headphones I was very excited to try them out. These headphones are very comfortable and easy to wear as well as pair to my phone. The sound quality is very good, nothing negative to say about the comfort or sound quality. The one thing I am not super thrilled with is the design - the front looks kind of square and boxy when they are in my ears, I think they can maybe be rounded a little bit to look a little more stylish. Other than that no complaints whatsoever. I cannot comment about the waterproof feature because they have not gotten wet. I also like the nice little carrying travel case that comes with the purchase. I received this product at a discount on exchange for a fair unbiased review.

  • Steven L - Awesome Hair Putty at an Awesome Price

    Old Spice stuck to their traditional red, black, and gold packaging, which looks classy and luxurious.The result is a naturally-feeling, light hold, texturizing look that is great for guys who want this. The shine levels (matte vs. shiny) are noticeably different, so at least this makes sense, but for the most part if you use the Old Spice hair styling products you’re going to get a natural-feeling light hold–regardless of what you use.

  • Moody - SiZE MATTERS

    I got these for my birthday and they are WAY too big! I've got another pair, so after checking the lens size I saw that I needed the 58mm. I suggest going to a retailer to try them on first and make sure to get the lens size.. just a few mm's make a HUGE difference. Mine were also NOT polarized, even though the RB box says they are.

  • timea - It is truly incredible how a natural product can have such a beneficial effect on the skin – it is just perfect for dry skin in

    The Shea butter is absolutely worth the purchase. It is incredibly nourishing and can be used for skin and hair, it is loaded with vitamins and is unrefined, making it free from all the harmful chemicals found in most modern moisturizers. It is truly incredible how a natural product can have such a beneficial effect on the skin – it is just perfect for dry skin in particular, and I use it daily, applying it freely on all parts of my body, especially elbows, legs and hands. Instantly smoothes and softens, leaving the skin feel pampered and radiant. Organic is very important for me and this one certainly meets the standards with its pure, unrefined content. I also love the subtle scent. I also purchased one a while back for my mother-in-law who works with her hands in water and clay a lot and needed a strong hand cream to restore her elasticity. She now is an avid fan of Shea butter and has one on her work desk as well as her nightstand. Great quality product.

  • joseph perser - Worse wwe game in history.

    This is the worse wwe ps2 game I've ever played. They took out all of the moves from the previous wwe ps2 games an put in new moves. There isn't 70 new matches like they said. In the he'll in a cell match I couldn't get on the outside to climb up the cell. In the backstage matches they take away a lot of your moves an your limited to using certain moves only. In the matches you don't see at the top right corner of the screen a body showing what an how much damage has been done to your opponent or yourself. The ladder match is ridiculously impossible to enjoy because the way you have to get the briefcase down is by pushing the right toggle stick up an pulling it back down correctly an extremely fast or you'll fall off the ladder an the other players get the briefcase so fast you don't have a chance to try again. It's harder then it sounds. The new strike attacks are pathetic an make it easier for the opponent to defeat you an don't even try to escape a pin. The first time they pin you, you lose. You can't escape there pin, but they can escape yours. The gamed is rigged to severely dement anybody who attempts to dominate this game.