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  • Katrina M. - Try it - very nice.

    Love this stuff. Great color (Angelina), very light and subtle, but intriguing. Seems to last a while and feels nice on lips.

  • Amazon Customer - Very easy installation and instructions were clear and concise

    Shipping was very quick to Canada. It took about 7 days from when I ordered it. Very easy installation and instructions were clear and concise. It took me about 15 minutes to install the cross bars. A word of advice to make it easier is to make sure you can distinguish between the right and left side of each bar. The way to do that is that the right side sleeve actually moves back and forth by an inch or so to ensure a snug fit on your roof rails. The front and rear cross bars are labelled so you don't make that mistake either. Hint the front cross bar is longer than the rear cross bar.

  • KC Coldbrook - Great mouse, slightly less battery life than advertised (and Logitech, please make a right-handed version)

    Like others reviewing, this is my first wireless mouse for gaming, I have only used wireless mice with business laptops until now because I was concerned about latency. I don't see any perceptible latency with the G900 and it works without drivers, which is a big plus because I don't want to clutter my system with third-party drivers & tray apps just to use my mouse. All of the buttons function without drivers, including the dedicated buttons to set resolution on the fly. The only things making this a 4-star review instead of 5 stars are A) the battery life is less than the 30 hours promised, I'm getting sub 20 hours, and B) while I appreciate the broad market appeal of an ambidextrous design, it isn't quite as comfortable as my previous right-handed G502.

  • T. Hudson - Ponzi Scheme

    This is the worst product ever! I bought it so I could edit TiVo recordings before burning them to DVD and it crashes each and every time I try to edit commercials out of the video. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The whole point of wasting $23 on this crap was to edit the videos. What a waste of money. I think they know it's worthless and are just trying to make as much money as they can making suckers out of the buying public.

  • R. Keith Clingan - Not even close to what is advertising -- buyer stay as far away as possible from this...

    I did not purchase this product either by phone or through Amazon, but through the website. I wanted to see what this product entailed before committing to a large purchase, and boy what a mistake. This product does nothing that the advertisements claim. You get a small amount of seed and a bottle of green dye - this dye does not foam or become sticky in any way. All you get from this product is dyed grass seed that disappears when the water used to apply it evaporates. I do not expect much to come of this. This is most definitely a scam ... it does NOTHING as described. I also am wary of how in the midst of all this negative feedback we get two or three high-star ratings. Either these people did not get what everyone else did or someone in the company that sells this is trying to continue the scam.

  • Victoria Pendragon - Microsoft Publisher 2013

    This rating is not for the product (though I love it!) it is, rather, for the customer service that came with it.