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  • Amada_love - It's great brush for applying liquid foundation

    It's great brush for applying liquid foundation. I looked at tons and tons of brushes to find one that had a similar shape, density and flatness like the artis brushes ( a lot of them have a more rounded shape) and none of them I looked at had all that I was looking for. This applies and blend product like a dream!!! And I only used about half the amount of product I usually use because of the design and density of the brush.

  • Brett Grieser - Great shoes!

    Good looking shoes. I was sold after I tried them on. Very comfortable! I've been walking around in them for about a week now and I feel like I could wear them all day. I don't actually do any running, so I can't really base my review on how good of a running shoe they are. For my day-to-day wear, though, they have been well worth the money.

  • Allison R Ehalt - Rick Steves is a MUST!

    We just got back from Europe and we found Rick Steves guides to be the best source of information. I had this book downloaded to my Kindle. His travel guides are an absolute must! We had several different guidebooks for Rome and we found this to be the best source of information. My only suggestion would be to get a better map to go along with it. I especially liked pairing the Rick Steves guide with the DK Eyewitness Travel Rome book (as this book had a detailed fold out map and showed more detailed layouts of buildings and streets which was really helpful for getting around the Vatican). Thanks Rick!

  • laine mcmillan - fraud/barely works/too expensive for what it really is.

    i got the back 2 life brand new, but it didnt even work when i got it, the customer service people did barely anything and after accessive calling for 3 months i finally got a new one shipped to me, i used it for a couple of weeks and i did somewhat feel relief, but a couple of days later it broke, face it, its a fraud. read reviews all over the internet, more than 3/4 of the reveiws will say either it doesnt work or it came broken just like me, and the customer service straight up sucks. this especially isnt worth buying because you can buy a big exercise ball for about $11 and get the same results. it comes with exercise dvd and you can find additional back exercise over the internet, so save yourself the time and money.

  • belmont - Truly Healthy Hair😍💗😊💞

    Nzuri...this would be by 2 month review. It's a wonderful Vitamin Tonic and it's full of the essential vitamins that promote hair health and the overall vitality for your body. I haven't experienced any side effects. Now, there are some very interesting changes in the strands of my hair. First, my hair increased in thickness, I already had thick 4b-4c hair. Each strand of my hair is thick from root to tip. Next, the luster of my hair increased without the added moisturizing aids. I've definitely experienced less breakage. Finally, and continuing hair length changes around the 8-10 week my hair went from earlobe length in the front to neck-length and shoulder length in the back. Here are a couple of thinks to know, I trimmed my hair when I first started the Elixer. If you are on the fence and want results that are lifelong(which requires patience and dedication) then this truly the product for you. It is result driven but, it's not overnight, try it your hair will love you for it!!

  • Stephanie - KEEP IT AT HAND PEOPLE!

    This product gets the job done my daughter has been using it for 3years and it works over night in most cases.