Panoramis (Trifexis) | Buy Trifexis Chews for Dogs Online $68.95 / 6pk - Buy Discount Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs from $68.95 & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide.

  • Buy Trifexis Chews for Dogs Online $68.95 / 6pk - Buy Discount Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs Online from $68.95 / 6pk & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide

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    City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • Kim England - So far is working really well for making sirloin burgers

    This item arrived fast and was well packaged. I bought this to make sirloin burgers with, I don't like prepackaged burger meat. So far this grinder has been great for grinding flank steak and tbones into some of the best burger meat ever. It is easy to assemble and stays attached to the counter by a suction cup. My only bad about this machine is that the suction cup can come off at times and the parts seem a little cheap, but so far they have held together just fine so i cant complain. The machine is super easy to assemble and has two different blade attachements. The overall machine is made out of a thick plastic.

  • Amazon Customer - hit the gym feeling great and after the gym

    Being a full time employee and also a full time student getting my master's degree, this Masterbrain is heaven sent! My days usually begin at 8am and don't end until 2am, fueled by at least one cup of coffee, two energy drinks and pre-workout for the gym. After working 8+ hours a day and hitting the gym, I have a really hard time finding the energy left to get homework and studying done, especially at a graduate level (which is far more intense than my Bachelor's degree). Masterbrain has completely changed the game for me! I've got laser focus at work, hit the gym feeling great and after the gym, I'm actually READY to knock out my school work and study! I don't take the Masterbrain PM because I have no issue will falling asleep or sleeping well, but the AM has totally transformed my days! I'm a fairly small woman so I only take two pills instead of three. I never need coffee or energy drinks anymore and I noticed it's effects the first day of taking them. They don't leave you feeling sketchy or like a total zombie (like my ADD medicine used to...which is why I stopped taking them). I've got my husband taking them now and I've already recommended them to all of my friends and coworkers! Will absolutely be buying this again!

  • M. Stiles - Nerium night cream

    I tried this cream for five days because my hairdresser was selling it and really pushing me to try it. Every time I would go get my hair done, it was like sitting through an hour long infomercial about this stupid cream!! I finally agreed to try it for five days, although I told her I would probably not be signing up to buy it because I really couldn't afford such an expensive product. Well, after three days of using it my skin erupted in the worst case of acne I have ever had. I stopped using the cream on the third day because I didn't want to break out further, but my hairdresser called me to find out how it was working for me and talked me into continuing to use it. She said the Nerium was exfoliating my clogged pores and the breaking out was normal and would stop soon. I used it for one more night only to wake up with three more deep, extremely painful, pimples in the strangest places. I had one right under my nose, which is still there a month after stopping the cream, two on my temple, and one on my chin. I even got pimples on my neck from this stuff. In fact, I continued breaking out for several days after stopping the cream. I went back to the salon and gave the remainder of the bottle back to my hairdresser and told her I would not be purchasing this stuff, that I had had a very bad reaction. The smell was awful too, but I could have tolerated that if the cream was actually good. Even after I gave the cream back she was still trying to tell me how wonderful the cream was and that I hadn't given it a chance. Maybe if I had continued using it at some point I would have stopped breaking out and something wonderful may have happened, but I seriously doubt it. I regret even trying it because now I am left with red spots that are still present a month after stopping the cream.

  • Teresa D. - Everyone should have a copy!

    We'll written,very knowledgeable and easy to understand. It's thickness should not put off anyone went you think of what it saves you! A must have for us when everyone is after your money.

  • Misty Martinez - DO NOT USE THIS STUFF

    Less than 1 star!!! Use this stuff at your own peril!!! I found myself trying to get a shine on my brand new laminate floors. It will shine for a day or so and then start looking nasty!! Impossible to remove. Absolutely impossible. I have used every chemical combination under the sun trying to get this stuff off of my floors. It has left white streaks EVERYWHERE!! This product is junk and will ruin your floors if used. Don't do it!!!!

  • makeithappen - So Far So Good

    The bottle is smaller than most dietary supplement bottles and is easier to carry. I like that these are tablets instead of capsules. I also like that it does not contain he shou wu like some other supplement for hair growth does because it is said that he shou wu is tough on livers. In addition, I like that the it does not require me to drink a full glass of water each time I take it like another supplement for hair growth I have tried. It also only suggests taking 2 tablets per day rather than 2 capsules per time 3 times per day like some other supplement I tried. I haven't experienced any side effect, such as extreme thirsty, from this product. Some hair growth supplements makes me very thirsty, but not this one.