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  • madmuttz - Better than Toppik

    I am hypothyroid and have been slowing thinning for years. Rograine can only do so much so I went in search of something to help mask the thinning. I tried Toppik and Great Hair Day first. They worked okay when I waas coloring my hair a dark auburn but when I went back to my natural blonde hair color, both were obvious. I then saw the caboki add online and got their free sample. I am very happy with the product! It is light and less goopy than Toppik and, in my case, covers better.

  • notmyname - Magic

    This stuff is incredible and literally gets rid of razor bumps like a magic eraser. My armpits look fabulous and I can proudly wear my bikini bottoms without having to worry about redness on my bikini line.

  • Colin E. - I paid for them. They're alright.

    I paid for them. They're alright. I haven't used high end bone conduction headphones so I don't know what it should sound like, but these just sound like a speaker sitting in front of your ear. If you turn them up over half-way, you can hear them across a room. They work though, I use them for biking and I can hear my music and street sounds. So all in all, not sure if they're "proper" bone conduction, but they get the job done.

  • Nichole Shepard - My poor little guy was so gassy and his gas has ...

    Been using these for a couple of weeks and I can now say that they really work! My poor little guy was so gassy and his gas has gone waaaay down. I wasn't sure if it was the probiotics or something else. But I forgot to give them to him for 2 days in a row and his gas came back full force. Won't forget again!

  • 73 Nova - Permatex 81668

    Don't have any comment on this product, because as things turned out I did not have to use it, but I'm sure the product would work as described.