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  • AmandaR - Great, but is it real rhassoul clay?

    I decided to go old school on my hormonal acne, which seems to be experiencing a flare up the past 2 months. I am 37 years old and sick of it. Also, I recenely started exercising, and the sweat has made my forehead and behind my ears get tiny zits. SO awesome. I came across this on Amazon, figured that healing clay masks might do the trick, or at the very least, giving myself a mask couldnt hurt.

  • Patricia A Griffey - Ready to try it for myself

    My review is second hand but I am a witness and will be purchasing my own supply for personal use. My son-in-law has an aggressive and invasive benign brain tumor. This past spring following 3 brain surgeries in 3 years, they resorted to 45 days of radiation. He is a big guy, 47 and about 225 lbs. and always very athletic. the radiation totally sapped his strength and they had told him it would take at least a year to regain his strength and they were right. My husband and I noticed that he seemed much more himself in recent weeks so I asked my daughter how he was feeling and she told me he had been taking this product and was actually starting to get back to his old self. This last weekend he was thrilled to be able to tailgate at our local college - it's been a long time since he has enjoyed much of anything but he enjoyed that day. He still gets tired but the biggest change we noticed is just that he feels like being part of life again. There is something to be said for that.

  • Jorge - Very good quality looks just like original and works perfect

    Fast Shipping. Very good quality looks just like original and works perfect. Just needed programming and cutting the mechanical key. I would order a second one to have a backup key.

  • Myrrh - Too much shock and awe!

    As a kid, I remember enjoying the Guinness book of world records we had but it was nothing like the garbage they've come up with today. This book features too many images which are inappropriate for kids - most facial piercings (over 200), most body modifications (man with chiseled teeth, tattoos, piercings), tattoos over nearly 100% of a woman's body, most famous celebrities featuring Lady Gaga repeatedly, most knives thrown at another person (woman with multiple tattoos pinned to a board with knives which had been thrown all around her stuck into the board), man holding up 30 pounds of weights with hooks through his skin. Violent and scary images abound. It seems like anyone can obtain a place in the record book for any kind of oddity. I bought it for my 10 year old thinking it would be educational and cool and was very disappointed in its content. I would not recommend this if you are thinking about buying it for your children. We also have the 2014 edition and it seems to have a little less of the piercings and violent images, but still it feels like an advertisement for shock and awe television. Garbage! Parents beware.

  • Leigh Carrasco - Essential Tool for Aspiring Authors

    I've purchased this book for the past three years and this is by far the best yet! Chuck Sambuchino hits on current topics that inform and inspire beginning writers and illustrators and keep those already published up to date with the industry. In addition to the detailed information about agents and publishing houses, I especially appreciate the section on Self-Publishing Basics. It stresses the importance of legal issues and having a strong business plan in order to succeed. There is also a very helpful section on How to Create Your Own Platform. It breaks this daunting task down into manageable pieces. The author interviews are fantastic. There is something to learn from each one of their personal journeys to success. They made me laugh, cry, and know that we all have our own unique journey with no right or a wrong way. This guide sits beside my computer and will be used time and time again throughout the year.