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  • Natalie - Most practical resource ever

    This is the most practical guide I have ever picked up. It provides concise tips for managers and HR professionals from interviewing to preparing for and conducting performance appraisals. The guidance and advice is easy to follow! Thank you for making it simple!

  • Science Tech - Unwanted services, difficulty uninstalling

    Downloaded the free version, thinking I would try it out before purchasing. Mistake. It looks nice and is easy to use, but...

  • It's the blues! - It took me about a week to find my way around the program comfortably. I had my accountant set up all the ...

    Purchased this to use for my business. I had never used QuickBooks before, and only have a limited understanding of accounting (only what I can remember from college accounting classes). I'm a fast learner with most computer programs, and most things in general. It took me about a week to find my way around the program comfortably. I had my accountant set up all the basic accounts and things for me, and just imported what they did, and started from there. So that helped a lot.

  • Matthew McWhirter - Spreader was easy to install

    Spreader was easy to install, takes up little room and spreads great. I have it mounted in the back of my ATV and every 6 weeks u spread about 500 pounds of fertilizer

  • Gisela Remsen - Better safe than to be sorry

    Be careful when using this product. It dries the skin out very fast. Start using it only in the morning or in the evening until your skin got used to it. It is very pleasant when applying it, but skin does react differently. Better safe than to be sorry.

  • M. Jones - Great way to transform Countertops

    Love this product. I easily transformed my kitchen countertops at a fraction of the cost. My only complaints are 1) there is not enough base coat, which leads to complaint 2) to date I've not been able to determine where I can buy the individual components, although Rust-Oleum swears that you can. I needed 2 kits and saved $100 getting it through Amazon as opposed to buying it from Lowe's.

  • Andrew J. Whitman - This is a great mouse, they just need to get it to ...

    This is a great mouse, they just need to get it to the DPI that they say it is at. it is a bit slower than 400 DPI which is forgivable since it pretty close. There is absolutly no predicition, no snapping, no s*** that throws off your aim. I also love the response from this mouse, everything feels a lot faster.