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  • Chris Wildman - son loves it

    For the price its a great game. Graphics seem good and my son loves playing it. Would recommend to other 5-8 year olds.

  • Christina - I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way

    I am big into organic beauty products. I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way. It doesn't cause any irritation but hasn't improved the quality of my skin. I like using this with my clairsonic so I can really work the product in. Otherwise it feels like it isn't cleansing very efficiently. I wouldn't order again, but I'm satisfied enough to finish the product

  • Evie Veno - Great everyday facial lotion

    It's a thicker lotion that has a smell of spf, due to it having spf in it. It works well under makeup or alone. Keep it away from getting in your eyes, it will burn.

  • Alittlebirdlost - Long, straight, straight, straight hair...

    I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER been able to get a curl in my hair. I got a perm when I was a kid and the ish fell out! Anyways, I bought this at Target just in case I needed a QUICK AND EASY return (smell what I'm stepping in, Amazon?), and I have to say I am amazed. I read the directions thoroughly, because let's face it - this thing looks a little terrifying and conjures memories of getting my hair wrapped up in a spiral brush as a kid. Small brushed pieces, 1-inch, face towards the head, yadda yadda, some beeping, stay calm...VIOLA - magic curls. I actually plugged this beautiful baby in at my desk at work, and used a pocket mirror to test it out, I couldn't stand the wait! I also tested a piece of my boss' hair for good measure. She is purchasing one tomorrow.

  • denise veal - which is nice. But they seem to lack support as other ...

    These shoes are lightweight, which is nice. But they seem to lack support as other people have mentioned. I got them cause my legs and feet were so sore after a day of walking for work. Since I've been using them, no sore legs but I do have sore feet. I've put dr. Scholls inserts in them, but I think I have to get something with a bit more arch support. So, all that being said, these are decent shoes. Just be forewarned, that if you have problematic feet and legs, these might not be the shoes for you. And, if you do get them, be prepared to spend more on arch supports for them.

  • Rosemary Thornton - Oh swell, when the world ends, we're gonna save *all* the politicians.

    So, when the world ends, it's the politicians and bureaucrats that we're gonna save, and the writers and the artists and the spiritual leaders are left behind to deal with the apocalypse. That was the most depressing element of the movie. What will the world look like if we only save the "important people" in Washington? Heaven help us. Seriously. If the future world is to be populated with the slimy-dog politicians and their ilk, I think I'll take my chances with eternal life, thank you very much.