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  • Valshine - problems with euro-pro shark navigator

    I bought the Euro Pro Shark Navigator a month ago, and when I first started using it, I was sooo impressed at how well it cleaned my carpet and left it looking new, but I encountered a problem where the spinning brush part on the bottom of the vaccum does not stay spinning the whole time I'm vacuming. I push it foward it spins, pull it back, it stops. I cleaned out the brush, all the filters,and it still won't run right. I call the company customer service, I get someone from another country (I am in USA) and all he can tell me is to clean out the filters. Thanks for nothing. I already tried that. So I e-mailed the company explaining my problem,they e-mailed me back telling me to call customer service. Thanks for nothing again. so I have a $200 vaccum I have only had for a month and it doesn't work and I can't get any help with it. So Shark Navigator you get 1 star from me!!!!

  • Sharon Spuganich - Less and less tartar!

    My Norfolk Terrier Lincoln was born with an underbite, so it makes brushing his teeth very difficult. I was able to get the front teeth (which kind of protrude out) brushed really well, but the back teeth were a real chore. My vet told me that eventually he would have to have his teeth cleaned. My groomer told me about the Tropiclean Gel so I bought some. I had been using it for about 3 weeks on his back teeth, along with brushing his front teeth, and when I had him to the vet the other day he was amazed! He said it was very obvious that the tartar was coming off of his back teeth. I told him what I used and he agreed - told me to keep it up and pretty soon it would be all gone! It is so easy to apply and it smells great - Lincoln doesn't seem to mind at all. And, it works!

  • popsykle - Steer clear of this model

    This is my second Haan. I had the first one for almost 4 years and only got rid of it because the tank broke and the cost of replacement was just $30 short of a full replacement mop. So I bought the "upgraded" SI70.

  • Kelly - Going Through Quickbooks Support Was an Epic Disaster - This Was SO Much Easier (and cheaper too boot!)

    So -- I've been using Quickbooks for years and years for my small business. Mainly because it's what my accountant prefers and I had some experience with it at my old job. Other than that... no special preference. I logged into my QB and tried to upgrade to 2016 (I was using 2013) and I got all the way through the purchasing process for it to say "sorry... call this number (it was like 18004intuit or something) can't complete purchase".

  • cindy - Shamelicious

    Anybody thats anybody will like this series. It's about a dysfunctional family and all the twists and turns that their lifes endures they still manage to have each other's back.

  • Terry - The Microsoft product was so easy to use and provided a lot more information on ...

    I bought this miserable piece of software to replace the Microsoft Streets and Trips which is no longer available. I use it to plan out road trips and to find addresses. It is extremely difficult to use and often cannot find the locations I am looking for when given the complete address. The Microsoft product was so easy to use and provided a lot more information on trip details like distance and time. My advice is not to buy this software.

  • Amazon customer - True to the first movie

    great visuals serious situations but always interrupted with jokes or semi funny words and what not. This movie my not be great but it definitely followed the first films corniness with serious combination making for a so so movie again .. in my opinion if these two movies part one and 2 kept it a serious alien attack movie leaving out the funny stuff it would scary cause honestly the aliens and there ships are amazing