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  • Amazon Customer - Eye Opening

    Prior to reading this book, I had many gaps in my understanding of history, as pertains to the Royals getting control of nation. I was intrigued by the history and the pattern. We are in the midst now of the government and corporations united to get all control, and they have succeeded. I am recommending this all my friends who actually read and are concerned. We are in deep trouble and there is no time to remain clueless.......this book will open eyes!!

  • The informative Gambling guide! - The informative Gambling guide!

    For a novice like myself, this was just the book I was looking for. Intricate details on every casino in every state.....from the price of the rooms, to the price of the buffet! A must have!

  • mzjj - Fantastic

    Nothing better to avoid sinusitis ...or avoid most colds, as it changes the ph of the mucous, rendering it inhospitable to the most common bacteria/ viruses

  • Madeline Libin - I had tried other GRE books before but was really disappointed in their concept and answer explanations

    This review book SAVED me on the GRE. I was really struggling with GRE prep, especially with the quantitative sections. The author described topics that I found really tough in a clear and cogent way. I had tried other GRE books before but was really disappointed in their concept and answer explanations. This book provided me with a really strong foundation, and wasn't just a repository of hundreds of practice questions, like so many other prep books. I used a lot of the tools learned in this book when doing practice questions and found myself actually remembering the tricks and tips presented in the book while I was taking my GRE.

  • Amber Worthington - No complaints here!! Love it

    This item was cheaper than the name brand dental pik someone had suggested to me. It works great though and I love it. Its a little hard to use just because I spray water all over my entire bathroom. It is definitely an operator error, not a product issue though. I just can't figure out how to use it without dousing myself in water. I love it though and the water tank holds a great amount of water. The pressure is good, the cord is long enough, the tips are plentiful and very useful for what I need. The slim design fits on my shelf great. I love the colored tips so I can keep mine and my boyfriends separated easily. This is great thank you.