Centro de Documentação - Iniciou a sua atividade em 1962 como Instituto de Ciências Psicológicas e veio a adotar a designação de Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA) em 1964. Desde então o ISPA constituiu-se como uma referência incontornável no ensino superior em Portugal.

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Janet Schick - Lucy & Desi, still alive in our memories

    This was a wonderfully entertaining book. As a child in the fifties, I only knew the Lucy and Desi of the "I Love Lucy" shows. It was interesting to learn about their lives and careers before the show made them famous as the Ricardos. Once I started reading the book I didn't want to put it down. My only complaint is that there were no photos.

  • Jaime - he takes these with ease so they do not seem to have a bad flavor. He has a milk allergy so I ...

    My son is 7 months old, he takes these with ease so they do not seem to have a bad flavor. He has a milk allergy so I loved that I was able to find these that were free of any dairy products. His digestives issues have subsided a bit but I cannot credit that 100% to the drops but I believe in them enough that I won't stop giving them to him.

  • Rexanne Roundtree - This is a nice projector

    This is a nice projector. It has so many different ways to hook it up. The video and sound quality is great. You can even hook up a dvd player to it! It is very light weight and portable. It is easy to adjust the screen size and the picture quality also. I also love that it comes with a controller so you don't have to get up and down to change your movie or pause or anything like that. It has a bulb life of 50000 hours which should last a quite a long bit of time. The price is great for this projector also! Can't beat the price for this quality!

  • Daniel C. - Does exactly as advertised!

    Repels water with ease, but is not durable. It will wear off if you rub against abrasive surfaces even after a couple days. I used it in a cat litter box, and it worked for a week to keep litter from clunping to the sides of the tray. I apllied a super thick coat of the stuff too. Rating it 5 stars though because it does what it needs to, but applications are limited.

  • PRFREY - Fine supplement

    I bought these supplements for preventative maintenance against uti's. They seem to be doing their job but I find the pill itself a little on the large side and kinda hard to swallow and the gel outer coating is pretty hard and firm.

  • Shane Davis - Versus = authentic product!

    All the reviews saying that the Versus product is a fake don't know what they're talking about. The Versace company does not drop prices if they can help it, so they moved their lower-priced fragrances to the Versus label, one that the Versace company owns, in order to not dilute their reputation as a luxury brand. Blue Jeans is an old fragrance, in an old container, that sells at a cheap price. No wonder Versace didn't want their luxury brand name on it anymore!