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  • Chase N - More control

    Definitely allows for more control and less strain when using spray cans for painting. This can gun gives a lot more natural feel to painting instead of the awkwardness of trying to get even coverage (Back and forth) using the traditional method. I had my doubts but i'm glad I bought it.

  • K Kim - Great for the price.

    I bought this after owning a Chrome bag for years. Unfortunately I moved last July and in the process lost that bag, which I loved.

  • Kent - Works great for older skin...

    A friend at work was taking these for skin, hair and nails. I wrote down the name and checked the reviews here and Amazon. I was surprised to find so many positive reviews.

  • James Bush Jr. - This is the best valve oil I have ever used

    This is the best valve oil I have ever used. I've never tried the synthetics or the non-petroleum lubes. I don't feel I need to do so. I use this valve oil on my 1933 F.E. Olds Super trumpet and the valves are still as fast as ever. The valves have some wear but they are very clean. I'll bet there are few horns that are 80 years old with valves that are this clean. I have owned the trumpet since 1981 and have never used anything but Al Cass valve oil, as did the previous owner. I can't speculate about the original owner of the horn.

  • bret ralston - Fit fine. Looks are okay.

    These wheel covers fit just fine. They don't look quite as good as the Toyota OEM covers (especially if you are fond of logos), but they are well worth the price. Good value for what we paid. I would buy them again.

  • ShopperinCO - Good Case, Very Sturdy

    This case does add quite a bit of bulk and weight to the thin and light iPhone 7 Plus, however I feel that it provides substantial protection for the phone and the phone fits securely in the case. No fear of it falling out. Also it can fit three credit cards comfortably and the magnet is powerful and latches securely, so the cards will not fall out. Even if the magnet accidentally pops open, the cards fit in a plastic holder within the case that is also quite secure. I also bought the magnetic car mount suggested by Amazon when you order this case (different vendor), and the phone sits securely on that and doesn't slide or fall down, even on bumpy roads. The stand works nicely as well; the phone doesn't droop or fall.