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  • Norman Mier - Horrid

    Long ago I owned a Roxio product. It was very difficult to use then. Roxio was so difficult to use that I deleted the program. Here years later I needed a DVD Video program so I bought Roxio thinking that they must have improved it and Roxio was being pushed by the PC manufacture. Well it is still too difficult to use. It is terrible. Buy something else.

  • chris - It does the job. The coating becomes grey and ...

    It does the job. The coating becomes grey and cloudy, so be aware of that when you spray it on the soles of shoes, door mats, etc...I wish I could use it on my windshield! but then I wouldn't be able to see through it....

  • Christina Martin - Sturdy and water resistant.

    Our dishwasher is broken, so we are going through a lot of these. They hold up under most foods, including those with a lot of moisture like sauces. I also like them for a disposable acrylic paint palette. They are sturdy and affordable.