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  • Lynn - My doctor recommend the pill to manage my heavy periods

    This is a miracle! I have had heavy periods since I hit my 40's (I'm 47 now), and if I skip a period (due to perimenopause), then my periods are twice as heavy, and interferes with my life (need to be close to a bathroom so I can change tampon/pad every hour...for days on end). My iron levels are also low, so I really need to manage my periods to help increase my iron levels. My doctor recommend the pill to manage my heavy periods, but I don't like hormones. I read reviews on this product last night, and went running to my local health food store to purchase, and took the recommended dose of 3 pills. I put on a pad so I could see if my flow was effected by Vitanica, and within 30-minutes, I had just a spotting! It went from flooding to spotting within 30 minutes (or less)!!!!! 2 hours later, still barely anything....just a very light light period! Thank the dear Lord in heaven...this is REALLY a miracle! :)

  • Richard R. Kenyon - Bible?

    When I bought this Excel "Bible", I expected to find all Excel features exhaustively discussed. In particular, I hoped to find something about the "Advanced Filter" which I had been having trouble using. However it's not even listed in the index and as far as I know never mentioned in the text. Apparently the author either doesn't think it's important or for some other reason. He omitted it, not only from this book but also his "Power Programming with VBA" as well. (I did find an excellent extensive discussion of the Advanced Filter feature in Jelen and Syrstad's "VBA and Macros"). I was also frustrated by Walkenbach's extensive list of VBA functions that only list function names and terse descriptions, but nothing about the arguments of these functions. Lacking further details, just the function names by themselves seems worthless. The material that the author does cover, he does go into in great detail in a very clear and authoritative manner. Maybe I just expected too much from a big book with "Bible" in the title

  • Lesilie M. - Great

    We just moved from Kansas to Southeast Texas and Spanish is going to be a huge helper for us as most of the population speaks it as well as English. I think it's easy to use and I like that there is a male and female interpretor. Sometimes he's easy to understand than her. The picture and words are great visual helpers.

  • E. M. Hunt - Topical, entertaining

    Robson writes with glee about the conspiracy cabal fueling Trump's rise to power. Even handed and generous, his essay will also leave your fears of a Trumpian future fully energized.

  • Jennifer - Not the best

    It works alright.. not my favorite Fekkai shampoo, doesn't really lather up well but I just wanted to text it out. I prefer the moisturizing one or the protein rx reparative!