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  • BuzzP - Be Careful--Disaster Awaits

    I don't usually write reviews unless I feel a product is exceptional or a disaster. My experience with Quicken 2014 Deluxe is an absolute disaster. The second time I opened the program to add simple manual transactions, it crashed and ruined my data file and the backup file. I upgraded from 2010 where I had no problems at all. I do not recommend this program in any way shape or form.

  • Tired of Defrag - PCMatic not a useful tool

    I've been using PCMatic for nearly three years now, and for the most part, saw a few, minimal benefits such as eliminating junk files, craplets, registry fixes, and anti-viral scans. An ongoing problem that PC Pitstop won't acknowledge is the time it takes to download the signature file--the anti-virus database. When it starts to load, the dialog box says it will take a long time to load the first time, but after that it will be quick. Even though I've complained, it ALWAYS takes a long time to download. I am on HughesNet and if I run PCMatic in the evening--when millions of other users are contending for bandwidth--it can take upwards of an hour to download the signature file. I was willing to put up with this, but now some tech-weenie has decided to help out by updating applications that I don't use and would like to get rid of, such as Quick Time and Adobe Air. Worse, the last time I ran it (4/24/13) PCMatic disabled my PrintScrn key, so I couldn't do a screen capture into Photoshop. The online forums were of absolutely no help, since they all seem to concentrate on laptops. Luckily, I was able to do a System Restore and regain the PrintScrn key functionality. (Nothing, of course, will regain the three hours I took to figure out the problem--I didn't make the association with PCMatic at first, but then a light bulb went on.) Another annoying feature, but not a showstopper is that when the list of options comes up, it overlays what appears to be another web page, making the options almost unreadable. I am sending a copy of this Amazon review to PCPitstop in hopes of getting their attention this time, but in the meantime, I will not run it again until they fix it. The downside outweighs the benefits. [Spybot seems to work pretty well, but I'm like the guy who wrote about the magic rocks and the tigers--I haven't had a virus (I think) in years, but maybe I'm either lucky or don't know my machine is sick. Ha!!] As far as making my machine run faster--the main reason I signed up in the first place--I've never seen any improvement. Could it be that a slow machine is just a slow machine?

  • Rebel Flower Girl - Love it!!!

    I love the light natural orange scent, I'm not allergic to it or any of Avalon's products & I have severe allergies!!! I'm a Clinique girl, but I love finding products to rotate w and I love the Vit C!!!

  • Runatem - People's Best

    Wow! I bought some serrapeptase after doing extensive research to try to find something - anything to help with my extremely painful frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder generally takes from 1 - 3 years to heal. The pain, particularly with sudden movements is unspeakable. After buying a bottle, I procrastinated for several months. In the meantime, my high schooler got a football injury and this product came to mind. His doctor recommended ibuprofen and of course I said forget about it and remembered the serrapeptase. The relief was almost immediate which inspired me to stop procrastinating about my own painful syndrome. I started with a conservative 2 per day. Mind you that at that point I couldn't get through the night without waking up 3 or 4 times to rub my arm with pain cream. I kid you not when I say that by the third night I was able to get a full night's sleep with no cream. Unbelievable! There is no treatment for frozen shoulder in allopathic medicine. Going through physical therapy which I did the first time I got it is like volunteering to get the snot beat out of you by Mike Tyson on a regular basis. No thanks. This is a product that really worked for me and my son. Over the ensuing months I've gained about 85 percent of my range of motion back and about a 90 percent reduction in pain. Definitely worth trying for any inflammatory condition. Just remember that consistent use is key.