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  • mo4g - Works as long as it stays on

    I was a little skeptical that this would work. There are so many of these on Amazon and honestly they are all the same. A neoprene headband with holes for the ears.

  • Lynda Loyd - Large Bucket DampRid for Basement Works!

    I was skeptical that this would rid my basement of the musty odor that you notice the minute you begin to walk down the stairs, but wow! I have purchased DampRid now in the larger bucket and in the small 32oz. refillable pails and I could be an ambassador. I have read the clean scented version bothers some people so I also got the unscented, but the scented is OK. I only wish they had a decorative container.

  • Douglas Stephan - No major improvements; several annoyances

    I'm only a few days into this but so far I rate it as average. The good news is that there aren't a lot of new features to learn which begs the question; why the upgrade? (we all know the answer to that). I had some problems installing and configuring the payroll module because I still had a previous version of assisted payroll installed (but inactive) before I upgraded. Eventually I got it working some how without having to contact Intuits support group. The awful gray on black color scheme that people are complaining about (and it is pretty bad) seems to be confined to the toolbar only; most of the other forms look pretty similar to the old version. The navigation seems a bit worse than the old version. Bottom line; if it wasn't for the forced obsolescence I'd be using the old version.

  • James W. - Don't trust that Blue Devil will stand behind their product.

    Didn't work for my 01 Land Rover Discovery for my leaking head gasket issue, didn't even slow down my leak. Follow all the directions correctly. Contacted Blue Devil with a claim form since it did nothing and they said Amazon is not an authorized dealer and would not take my claim. So basically they would not stand behind their product and told me to ask for a refund from amazon.