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  • Virginia Mouton - It works for my husband

    My husband took this for a week before he could feel something that helps him with the pain on his leg. While taking symbicort, his leg started to hurt. So he wants to take something to ease the pain. He has been taking pain reliever that didn't help him, so he started taking this supplement and feels that it's working.

  • patricia cavanaugh - never ever taking this again!!!!

    I took the recommended dosage for the first time this morning with water and a meal. Ever since then I have been nauseous and puking my guts out. I will be returning the rest of the pills to the store where I bought them.

  • SM635 - OLD maps

    just got this to replace outdated, discontinued Microsoft Streets and Trips which I use daily for work. 1st it's way more cumbersome for route planning than S&T, but I could get used to that if it worked well. Unfortunately, I mostly bought it because I drive to new areas of the city and constantly need updated maps. the maps in this brand new 2015 version are older than those in my "outdated" 2013 S&T. this was a complete waste of money. I emailed DeLorme, they said 'sorry'.

  • A Former Lexar Customer - i'd have to agree with Frustrating experience, January 26, 2007

    1. The Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Dental Water Jet looks good: aqua color on white, shape of tank pleasing, and layout convenient.

  • Great! - Great!

    Wow! The 1,000,000 random digits produced by the Rand Corporation are some of the best random digits out there! I was amazed at some of their selections. For example: would YOU have conceived of the sequence 35462? Or 239877687468? Or 776834689765872643756324876 (one of my personal favorites). This is fine, fine work. Kudos to the folks at Rand on this most fascinating tract that truly keeps one on the edge of his seat.