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  • Alexander G Gentles - Need more!!!!!

    I am totally hooked on this series! Who knew three city people could do so well in this twisted new world. Loved the action and characters. Literally counting the days until the next one

  • C. Bledsoe - Using it for yrs

    Used this for yrs to help with sleep problems. Usually get it somewhere else, but was ordering from Amazon and needed to get my $35 for free shipping. So found they had the Calm, and at a very reasonable price. Taking it right before bed not only helps me sleep better but also keeps me regular. Maybe too much information, but it may help someone. :)

  • Tara - Beautiful smell and finish

    Love the smell and feel of this toner. It goes a little quicker than I'd like, but I like the ingredients, so I'll keep purchasing.

  • Michael I. Wirth - Excellent elliptical for the home

    This is an excellent elliptical for the home; smoother and with more features than the gyms I used to work-out at. A bit pricey for the home but well worth it. Incredibly smooth and silent has easy hand controls for the level and the incline for your workout. A bit of a process to put together but the instructions are fairly easy to follow.

  • Ashtar Command - A mindset here to stay

    “MAGA Mindset” is a book by Mike Cernovich, a popular blogger and Twitter personality. He is mostly known for his tweets and Periscope broadcasts on Hillary Clinton's health and various media hoaxes. His two designer dogs Dante and Julius have also become Twitter personalities of some standing. Cernovich, who calls himself libertarian and New Right, supports the campaign of Donald Trump and calls on Trump's voters to boycott the rest of the Republican ticket. “MAGA Mindset” is published by Vox Day's Castalia House, an Alt-Right outfit. Weirdly, Castalia is based in Finland and Cernovich's work is therefore protected by Finnish copyright laws!