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  • Iris - What the . . . ?

    REALLY POOR DESIGN. Why would they make them misshapen and bent?!! This new design is cumbersome and difficult to use. Obviously they don't lie flat, so they're hard to line up and compare to the old design. It's hard to get it so that you can see both lines at once, because the window is curved - there will be a glare on one line or the other. I've saved series from other pregnancies to compare to later pregnancies in terms of progression. I can't save a gaggle of these in a drawer.

  • Alexa - Coool!

    Nice quality made in China table tennis racket ping pong. Looks really cool in my hands. My son said that is his when he saw it first! Pretty racket. Will get another one soon.

  • Blaze - Very well written

    This is a very well written and informative study guide. It covered all the topics and areas that would be on the actual exam. I love the practice test, this really enables the test taker to be ready for the types of questions on the exam and gives them an idea of how the test will be laid out. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a complete study guide. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. All thoughts are my own.

  • claudia - The best shake i ever had!

    My co-worker introduced me to this product, from the beginning I noticed it had a great taste among other nutrition shakes. It is a tool that has helped me lose weight with a healthy diet and execise. When I ran out of it, I spent 3 weeks without drinking it and it made a HUGE difference, once again I felt tired and with no energy. So i decided to buy it online from Amazon and not only did i get a discount but i saved on free shipping as well. I have my whole family drinking it now, it provides alot of nutrients and over all benefit. I do not sell the product but highly recommend it.

  • SamF - Took like 3 minutes and it's exactly like the one from ...

    I pulled the old one out and popped the new one in. Took like 3 minutes and it's exactly like the one from factory except it's Crome. Looks good.

  • kb36 - the

    i love it although the taste made me puke when i took it on an empty stomach now i mix it in my silk and im nails are already starting to grow and my skin is definitely changing in a good way. i had faith in the product from all the good reviews i read but there was a bit of doubt.. Not anymore these vitamins do what they say they will do i feel great and i have no doubt my hair will be showing results soon. nothing is a miracle product but with the rite ingredients and condition's will allow anything to flourish including hair,nails,skin etc ! this stuff definitely has the rite ingredients! this product will be in my home for months to come. what your waiting for i dont know :)) best of luck