MMF® For Your Health « Military Micronutient Formulation – Independent Member Site -   Welcome to our MMF® For Your Health website!  We are excited you are here to learn more about MMF®.   It is the most power micronutrient antioxidant on the market. “Armed with $12.5 million in DOD and NASA grants and over $10 million in private funding for antioxidant research – PMC and its team…

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  • Our MMF Experience « MMF® For Your Health -   How MMF® has helped Deirdre (taking MMF since mid-November 2014): Improved Sleep - a deeper restful sleep More energy and stamina - no afternoon slumps. Able to drive long distances without extra caffeine or 5 hour energy and frequent stops. Better Mood - Reduced Anxiety and Depression - a life long battle Better mental alertness…
  • Study Summaries « MMF® For Your Health - Blast Injury – Concussion Study!  U.S. Marines who suffered traumatic brain injuries from concussive blasts during combat in Iraq participated in a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial after being returned to the USA. The control group received standard treatment (steroids, physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and supportive care) for 12 weeks. The study group received the…
  • Testimonials « MMF® For Your Health -   We cannot make any claims that MMF will cure any diseases or aliment you may have.  What we can do is tell our MMF Stories and how it has helped us.  Below is a collection of MMF stories from around the country.   Everyone is different and the only way to see if what can do…
  • Abundance in Health & Abundance in Life « MMF® For Your Health - ENGAGING THE WORLD TO CREATE A LASTING LEGACY OF ABUNDANT LIVING Engage Global’s vision is to create abundance in health and abundance in life for our members and their loved ones. We love working hand in hand with our members to make this vision a reality and are looking for visionaries to join us. Who…
  • MMF Testimonials « MMF® For Your Health - MMF continues to help so many people.  Thanks to those who shared their MMF experience on the Engage Global Facebook Page.
  • Health Benefits of MMF « MMF® For Your Health - MMF (Military Micronutrient Formulation) is a body-defense nutraceutical that was designed to work intelligently with the needs of you individual immune system. MMF leverages the power of patent-protected antioxidant micronutrient formula to specifically support biologic processes that reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and repair and protect DNA.
  • How MMF Supports Your Body… « MMF® For Your Health - Click on image to view details.  For more information contact me or visit Try MMF Risk Free
  • MMF Sets A Higher Standard for Health Supplements « MMF® For Your Health - Learn More about MMF and Engage Global at **These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **
  • Feel Healthy « MMF® For Your Health - Today is the day to put yourself on the road to FEELING GREAT. When was the last time you truly felt good, both mentally and physically? I did not realize how good I could feel, or in other words, how bad I felt, until I experienced the power of combination of micronutrients in MMF. I…
  • Engage Global – Introducing Vegetable Capsule and NSF & GMP Manufacturing « MMF® For Your Health - Vegetable Capsule & Manufacturing Dear Engage Member, We want to let you know about an exciting upgrade at Engage that will positively impact you. We have been frequently asked if it is possible to use an all-natural plant based capsule for MMF. After a great deal of testing, we are pleased to announce that as…
  • Press Release: Engage Global and Premier Micronutrient Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership « MMF® For Your Health - Engage Global and Premier Micronutrient Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership Engage and PMC have an existing license agreement in place, this Strategic Partnership furthers this already existing relationship between the two companies and gives Engage Global exclusive access to PMC’s Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF) and Optimal Health Line that utilize PMC’s proven technologies, patented formulations and…
  • Listen to replays of the training calls by Dr. Hodson’s on MMF. « MMF® For Your Health - Dr. Hodson's provides great training on MMF . This is to links to a replay of several different calls addressing different health issues. Because of high demand here is a list of Dr. Hodson's MMF Calls! Please enjoy and share with your groups!!.
  • Micronutrients and anti-aging « MMF® For Your Health - Great article on the importance of micronutrients. Contact me for more information on MMF and how it can help you get the micronutrients you need. 757.673.8656. #mmf #micronutrients #anti-aging
  • Is Depression a kind of Allergic Reaction? « MMF® For Your Health - Very Interesting Article on Depression. I have dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life. Since starting the Military Micronutrient Formulation, which naturally fights the inflammation in the body, I have never felt better mentally. God's honest truth. I don't ever want to be without MMF ever again.
  • Episode 11 of Under The Vegas Sun with Steve Schorr, featuring Dr. Gerard Haase, world-renowned scientist and developer of Military Micronutrient Formulation. « MMF® For Your Health - Proud to present episode 11 of Under The Vegas Sun with Steve Schorr, featuring Dr. Gerard Haase, world-renowned scientist and developer of Military Micronutrient Formulation..
  • Glutathione—an Active Player in Today’s Most Pressing Diseases « MMF® For Your Health - Article on Glutathione,  pretty much supports what MMF is all about.  Glutathione is majorly important in fighting disease. Glutathione—an Active Player in Today's Most Pressing Diseases.
  • WalMart, Target and others under fire for selling bogus supplements « MMF® For Your Health - I always had my doubts about the supplement aisle.   I am glad to offer a product that is proven to be 100% Safe, 100% Pure, & 100% Effective. MMF - Military Micronutrient Formulation.   WalMart, Target and others under fire for selling bogus supplements.

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  • Laureen E. Chaffin - Space saving, awesome

    Love this diffuser. It works great and easy to move. My daughter uses it when she does chair massage and she loves it.

  • Jamila Genkey - I love it

    Great stuff. I discovered it at a local beauty supply and loved the smell. I used it to oil my scalp twice a week after shampooing with T-Gel formula shampoo. In 4 weeks my psoriasis was gone. I had tried everything even prescription shampoo. I also used this to clear up my eczema and some foot fungus. They have changed the formula so its not as potent smelling, but it still works the same. Stock up!

  • Amazon Customer - No installation CD. No Instructions

    I rolled the dice on this because a couple of reviews offered tips to get the thing up and running and the price was right, in spite of the instructions being in a a foreign language. However, upon arrival, it has no instructions and no install cd. There is apparently no website of a parent company from which to download a driver. I am returning this device.

  • vitamin b - Helps Heal Scars And Ease Swelling

    This product has done really great things for my skin. Most of my acne and scars are focused on my cheeks. I've had acne since I was 12 and am now 19. Recently after calming down for a few months it's come back pretty badly along my jawline. However, after a month of using this mask it's almost completely gone. The redness and swelling has gone down a lot as well as my scars healing surprisingly well. I use it every night before I go to sleep and follow up by moisturizing with raw shea butter and leave the butter on while I sleep. This has left me with amazing results.

  • Emily Collins - Loud farts

    I purchased these bad boys hoping that what others described would happen. I think a good poop is life changing. Anyways, I was disappointed when I ate first about 15, then about 30, then about the whole bag and didn't have quite the same reaction. I didn't have to poop, my insides didn't fall out, I wasn't stuck on the toilet in agony. What did happen, however, is I did fart louder than I ever thought possible every minute, on the minute, for a good 12 hours. I woke up 30-40 times throughout the night because I thought one of my roommates was being murdered because it sounded like a machine gun was firing nearby. It was to my surprise when I realized that sound was coming from under my comforter and that the machine gun was, in fact, my own butt. If you're really into feeling uncomfortably bloated and having awful noises escape your butt all night and all day throughout work then buy, if not, don't. I actually had to take a real laxative to finally get these bears to make an escape.

  • Nick - High expectations, low results

    I was extremely excited to try Advocare 24 Day Challenge and was told great things about it! Many co-workers of mine had done it with mixed results and so I had expectationscsince I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Well, the 24 Days have come and gone and I didn't lose even one pound. I did everything right but don't know why I didn't lose.

  • isarge - This was one last Lucas product I had never used ...

    This was one last Lucas product I had never used....and it worked for my valve cover gasket seep. I used Lucas fuel--oil--and trans products for decades now and swear by them!