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  • C. Livezey - Easy recipe program

    I love this program. The cut and paste feature is great. Also you can just go on the internet and get a recipe you want

  • Kevin Romero - Contrary to popular belief...

    This will NOT help you pass a drug test. While I've used this successfully before, it will not work if you're a chronic smoker like I am. It will only appear to work if you're close to passing on your own. Until May 22, 2016 I was a very heavy smoker, 2-3 ounces a day minimum. I bought 2 of these (4 bottles) because it seemed to always work for me before. I used this the day after it was delivered to try to pass my bi-annual physical for work. On May 26, 2016 (4 days since I'd last smoked), As I always do, 1st thing in the morning I took a piss. Then I began my detox with stinger. Downed the bottle and drank minimum 32 Oz of water with it. After 3 trips to piss and about 2 hours, I broke out the THC test kit I got from Walmart the day before. To my surprise I came up positive right away. This was the 1st time it's failed me, but once is enough. I will never try this again. If you really want to pass for sure buy some quick fix plus synthetic urine with urea and use that (or use clean piss from someone else). It works, but it also depends on which state you live in. In places like Canada and Colorado (though maybe not in CO anymore since it was legalized, idk for sure) you will fail no matter which one you use because they look for synthetics. To know if your state tests for this, I suggest you use Google to look it up. From what I've read, Canadians will be screwed unless you have someone giving you clean piss. But like I said, to know for sure look it up.

  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely Amazing!!!

    I have never been so congested in my 30 years of life. I mean my nose was so clogged, swallowing made this suction feeling in my sinuses that would make you want to gag. Anyway, I used this medication and started being able to breathe almost right away. About 10-15 minutes later, I was finally able to blow my nose and get everything out. After that and for the next 11-12 hours, I could breathe like I wasn't sick at all. I still felt sick of course, but the breathing was not a problem what-so-ever. I don't usually write reviews for products, but I am telling you if you can't breathe because of congestion, this is what you want to use.

  • jellybeanmau - Bedtime with my pickle (my son's nickname)

    The only thing that we didn't like about this book was that it didn't have enough stories. We could never agree on how many. He wanted more & more & while I enjoyed reading them as much as he enjoyed listening, I knew that I had to set a for the night. After each story he loved telling me the lesson it taught. Please keep these books coming. I just hope that they "get older" with him. Thank you for all the great bedtime memories!