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  • R. Schuster - A Worthwhile Remix of an Already Great Album

    "Radiation" is often unfairly thought of as one of Marillion's lesser albums, particularly in comparison with "This Strange Engine" and "Holidays In Eden". I find this odd, because those latter two albums are . . . well, not very good at all and have maybe four or five good songs between them. Even without comparing "Radiation" to anything else, it's a solid, powerful, and engaging album that tended to get overlooked because it was the mid-to-late-90s, the mix was a bit lacking, and people were still convinced that Marillion had spent itself after "Afraid of Sunlight".

  • Jared Sonoma - It works on vinyl siding!

    I had been pressure washing my vinyl siding about every two years to remove green growth, but I was becoming concerned that I was causing damage to the siding and underneath. I am reviewing this after about a year. All of the green is gone. It had turned black after a few days, but now the black is gone. No new green is appearing yet. This is the only way I will clean my vinyl siding from now on.

  • saihou sidi njie - Very disappointing. phone not working and cannot connect.

    Very disappointing .phone not working and cannot connect.The pantec pocket black AT&T is notworking and cannot connect either the internet or make calls.The line bars on the right top comer has a yellow X across it.What is This?

  • Amazon Customer - When will the next one arrive

    I loved it. The story while told from multiple view points was never confusing. It moved at a good pace and kept coming back for more. I liked it enough to loan it to a friend (Note:I have the Kindle edition which for once can actually be loaned out. The author/publisher should allow sharing more often as my friend's reaction was "Can I buy this for my Nook?" Sorry Amazon, but not everyone is locked into Kindle.).

  • Rosterman1 - pills or products like this one

    I am a huge caffeine addict, well maybe I should say aficionado. I am always on the lookout to try new caffeine products, whether they be energy drinks, coffees, pills or products like this one, energy sticks. These sticks looked really interesting to me so I just had to try them. I was very curious about how they worked, how they tasted and, most importantly, how they make me feel.

  • L. Oil - Great product!

    The zydot shampoo worked very well for me. I have long dark hair about 20 inches. I used two of the shampoo treatments one after the other along with a clean shirt and towel. All together the treatments took about 3 hours, but I immediately went to get my hair tested after I was done and ended up testing clean.