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  • Joseph Rakar - make sure your subs will fit

    I have rockford fosgate p2d2 12s and they were way to big for the box. Make sure if your going to get a 12" box to get shallowmount or a box with a fiberglass mould of the understorage better fit and more bass options

  • Janet M. Berwick - DO NOT BUY

    I am going to attempt to warn anyone thinking of buying WWE vs Smackdown video games. I have owned a few and I have not learned to avoid them because I keep hoping I will get a copy that does not freeze, or glitch. Every game I have bought has either froze, glitched at points, or the cd itself broke somehow (grinding inside my xbox). I know my xbox is not broken as I play other games on it no problem, however for some reason, Smackdown games just never work properly. My latest problem is being unable to complete the wrestlemania stories as the game freezes at the same point each and every time and causes me to restart the xbox. Also, my game will randomly begin to lag, and this is extremely confusing to me since I will not even be plugged into the internet. However, for whatever reason, the game itself lags! I think WWE should just stick to wrestling on tv and not push for their business to turn into video games. I bought about 3 copies (all new) of Smackdown 2009 and they all broke within a month and less of play time. I recently bought Smackdown 2010 and within 4 days, yes 4 days, it broke on me. I do not understand it but I will NEVER purchase wrestling games EVER again. The games are all defective.

  • alou - Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J ...

    Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J.Cole. He's been consistent and knows exactly what he is doing and where he is going with his career.

  • Eli B - Awesome!! great taste!!!

    This stuff is great. the only beef I have with it is the cost!!! but you get what you pay for specially when it comes to supplements.

  • Sonya W. - Terrific hood for a terrific price

    After one year this hood has done great. We purchased it for our kitchen remodel after we noticed how horrible the microwave does ventilating anything. We removed the microwave and the cabinet it was attached to and installed this hood. It was easy to install and looks great. Now we have that high-end look without the price!! Out first hood had some scratches on it when we took it out of the packaging and the company kindly sent us a replacement without any problems.

  • JayJay - In my boy's top three favourite books!

    Very nice! I usually read this to my son together with "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" which is another father and superhero related storybook but with a slightly different philosophy. My son is 5 and it appears that he will take after his dad and be a superhero and sci-fi fanatic (yuppeee!!). Very nice pictures and a superhero motif throughout. I like the action in this one. In "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" i enjoy the humour and the subtle message that superpowers are no match for a father's love. But both books emphasise that in the eyes of a child, a father is a hero and that is why i am very proud that these two books are amongst my son's favourites together of course with Pepa Pig! I guess her dad is cool too! Lol