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  • Our Values and Goals | Cyntegrity - Our Values and Goals are our navigators in the ocean of pharmaceutical business
  • Careers | Cyntegrity - Cyntegrity Germany GmbH is searching for extremely talented students in data mining and C-Sharp development to help pioneer risk management in clinical trials
  • About Risk Based Monitoring | Cyntegrity - What is RBM? Simple explanation. Differences between EMA and FDA views. What pitfalls and complications can during an implementation of RBM in clinical trials
  • @RACT - a unique cloud of TrasnCelerate's RACTs | Cyntegrity - A free and extended version of TrasnCelerate's RACT, which offers audit trail, risk reports, and multi-trial support.
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) for Clinical Trials | Cyntegrity - What KRIs are available for a clinical trial? KRI Sets Available in Cyntegrity’s RBM System Data quality is the next stage after the fraud check. This KRI set
  • Revolutionary RBM Tool | Cyntegrity - An RBM software platform, which unites Centralized Clinical Data Surveillance, Statistical Data Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation in one.
  • Data Quality Assurance (DataQA.Cloud) | Cyntegrity - Unique clinical data quality assurance engine protects any clinical data from errors and mistakes.
  • CyntegrityEDU - Risk-based Monitoring Education | Cyntegrity - CyntegrityEDU is the wide range of courses and seminars that Cyntegrity offers to everybody, who is interested to know more about RBM.
  • CyntegrityPRO | Cyntegrity - CyntegrityPro is a sponsor oversight service, which pharma organizations have to fulfill following the new GCP compliance
  • Publications & Projects | Cyntegrity - See our resource library for publications, read Case Studies or investigate White-Papers.

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    This is a persuasive explanation of why stomach acid is good for one. It cites evidence that heart-burn, indigestion, reflux, and GERD, are often caused by stomach acid that is inadequate, rather than excessive. Dr. Wright notes that diagnoses of excess stomach acid are usually presumptive, and are rarely verified by tests of actual stomach-acid production. The result is that physicians, and patients, usually treat these symptoms with acid-suppressors, which may relieve the immediate symptoms, but which degrade health in surprisingly diverse and significant ways, which include increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, dementia, and ulcers.

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