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    City: -118.278 California, United States

  • Beach_Bummery - Is there an option for zero stars?

    I have NEVER bought a Hartz product that worked, period. STAY AWAY from anything they make. You'll have to be careful as they like to put out products under different brand names, but if you look carefully you'll eventually find the Hartz name or logo. Money in the trash.

  • Silver Fox - Awesome as a pre-shampoo hair softening.

    I found out some ladies were using it as a pre-shampoo hair softener instead of a leave-in so I tried that. I mixed it with some olive oil and a cheap conditioner and put it on my dry hair for 1 hour. Then I washed it out with shampoo followed by a conditioner. Up to this point my hair had been super brittle and dry, but after using this as a pre-shampoo hair softener in addition to my weekly shampoo and conditioner, now my hair is super soft.

  • Alexis trasatti - LOVE IT

    its amazing it smells good and my hair has grown I only used it for a month and it is 1 inch longer its amazing I definitely would buy this aging

  • Sarah cohen - Disrupted my menstrual cycle.

    I took Viviscal for about 5 months because I wanted to speed up hair growth after a bad haircut. From months 1-4 I noticed that my nails were visibly stronger and my hair was silkier and I had a lot of new hair growth around my hairline - pretty standard. I wasn't looking to grow new hair, as I already have a lot, but rather increase the rate of growth.