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  • Ms. Tee - I had to return these because they didn't fit.

    It's a GE thing. Pans must be matched to specific model numbers. I had forgotten and thought that they would fit all models of GE electric ranges. Not so. I should have remembered. The seller was very considerate about returning them and prompt to issue credit.

  • Amazon Customer - The next level of Brain Power!

    I like it because it has definitely helped clear up my head. I was feeling congested, I couldn't break things down and often I'd forget what I was doing and have to start again. As a very organized person, this becomes frustrating. Working two jobs, running a business and being in Comp Prep is a lot for your brain to take on at once, so I'm glad we got the opportunity to try it.

  • Tom K. - Highly recommend

    This product works great. I leave the outside lights on 24/7 for security purposes but the spiders/cob webs were everywhere. I clean them out and then sprayed this product. It works extremely well when the whole area is coated to get rid of all spiders hiding in each crevice. I have recommended this to all of my neighbors.

  • tmerr - Perfect for avid wine drinkers

    My wife and I love good wine. Usually we limit ourselves to a glass of wine at dinner. Especially with nice wine. These seals have been a life saver. The silicone on the cork is really nice. The pump is also super easy to use. I was worried the cork might be a little difficult to pull out once sealed but is is easy and keeps the wine tasting great. I love that they give you a few extra corks because we like to try a few different wines when we have friends over. Much better than recorking the bottle with the original cork. The wine tastes as good as when you first break the seal.

  • Paige Espiritu - Great kit! Super easy to apply

    Great kit! Super easy to apply. The company emailed me with super helpful info after I purchased the kit and was super thoughtful. The glass doesn't cover the whole screen because the phone edges of the iPhone 6 are curved. But it still protects the phone really well. Makes me feel my phone is safe!

  • nicholena - Worst accounting book....

    This book was a mess, things aren't clearly explained, and they are repeated 3 times (manual, financial calculator, and excel procedures). The pictures are such poor quality that when you are trying to read the process they followed you can't read the formulas. If you are taking a class online, save the $$ and use the digital version and google things in investopedia.